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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery
Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable
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Care Campaign visits Oxehealth

14th February 2019 - 0 comments

It’s important to understand the technology available to help bring in an extra level of transparency and protection for our most vulnerable and care staff. It was therefore, an eye opener to visit the HQ of Oxehealth in Oxford.

I met Hugh Lloyd Jukes, a rather dynamic CEO, who warmly shook my hand and led me into his sparse but very modern meeting room. Immediately, the conversation turned to the lack of transparency in many care settings and the sector that is already stretched when a member of staff cannot be in two places at once. With this in mind, Hugh told me about Oxehealth.

“We all know care staff do an incredible job but they tell us they find it hard to balance monitoring patient safety, which currently means checking them in person, with preserving their rest and dignity. In care homes, preventing falls is a particular difficulty. So, at Oxehealth, we have engineered a product that solves this “safety observations challenge”. In a recent survey, 79% of staff told us that they have personally prevented a fall using the system and all of them believe the system has improved patient safety on wards at night. In fact, one hospital customer has seen falls reduced by a third using our technology.”

Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant solutions allows clinical staff more time for hands-on care where &

when it's needed most; they act as an assistant for when staff can't be there, paying attention to every room.

Oxehealth has secured the world's first medical device certification for a software product that enables an optical sensor remotely to measure pulse rate and breathing rate. It’s a Class IIa European medical device. The Digital Care Assistant also provides activity alerts and reports.

I watched a live demonstration of the system; you can watch it in action for yourself in this BBC Click video.https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/embed/p0618g8q/43409215

The original technology underpinning the Digital Care Assistant was developed at Oxford University in the Lab of Professor Lionel Tarassenko, the Head of the Engineering department. Founded in 2012, Oxehealth has been refining it by working with clinicians around the UK. In fact the company is still part owned by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. The system is now contracted to 16% of English Mental Health Trusts and several care home chains in both the UK and Sweden.

I was then asked did I want to meet ‘the scientists‘ behind this innovation. Suddenly, I felt very humbled. I’d never met a scientist before.

I was introduced to Dr Oliver Gibson, or “Oli” as he was referred to. A very unassuming chap who shook my hand - Hugh told me “ Oliver leads our research & development group. He’s very humble but, to be honest, he holds a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford and was Professor Tarassenko’s right hand man in the University research group.”

My eyes were opened to the advanced technology available to bring in not only a higher degree of transparency but a device that can free up staff and allow them to be where they NEED to be. I was also impressed with their commitment and passion to improve the lives of patients.

I first found out about Oxehealth via Twitter when I read Hugh attended Downing Street and joined Matt Hancock the Health Secretary for a health ageing strategy meeting. It was stated ‘how do we give staff more time on their hands, increase patient safety and patient outcomes?’

Oxehealth, that’s how.


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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery, Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

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