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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

Case Studies

''Forced out of my job as a carer because I raised care concerns...''

Added on 29th November 2020

A carer contacted CCFTV saying she raised concerns in her place of work and then was '' forced out.'' She told us this left her in a ''dark place''. She said her concerns are for the remaining elderly residents and she constantly wonders if they are ok. Dee told us, ''I feel that I’ve failed them as my voice still hasn’t been heard, which leaves me feeling so much guilt. But at the same time I’m deeply upset and shocked that this care home and the company have lied so much. I was messaged a few weeks ago by someone who works there and said they know I’m telling the truth and family members have also raised care concerns. I just want the truth out and for those vulnerable elderly residents where their care fell short of what it should have been and to get the justice they rightly deserve.'' Dee.

I am a whistleblower who spoke out on neglect happening in my former work place. A elderly care home provider in Nottingham where I worked between 09/05/2018 and 01/11/2018.

On the 22nd of October 2018, ten days prior my dismissal I was given a new work contract as I swapped from the late shift to the early shift and within it, it stated “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you continued success in your role” signed by the care home manager.

On the 26/10/2018 there was a staff meeting, which stated by the home care manager that a resident had been neglected for two days, this was documented in the staff minutes, I witnessed this said resident being neglected when I came on my morning shift on the 24/10/2018, this resident hadn’t been changed during the night as their continence pad was absolutely sodden with urine and faeces so much so the continence pad had crystallised, (something that happens when it’s not been changed for a long period of time) the resident and their sheets was absolutely soaking wet, this was one of four residents that was like this on the unit. Which I did tell management and documented it in the PCS (Person Centred Software). In there Employment Tribunal Resistance papers they stated this neglect happened on 30/10/2018, it didn’t it was on the 24/10/2018 and again on the 25/10/2018 the same resident, hence why it was documented in the staff meeting minutes on the 26/10/2018

''On the 27/10/2018 I made a referral to CQC regarding my concerns about the home.''

Between the 29/10/2018 and 31/10/2018 CQC informed the home manager that there had been a referral made. (I have a email from CQC to back this up.)

On the 29/10/2018, it was alleged that I missed a extra shift, to which I have no recollection of picking the said shift up, although in their Employment Tribunal Resistance papers it says the alleged missed shift was on 30/10/2018. (I was at work on the 30/10/2018) Also there was no documentation to state that I should have been on shift during this period, which was a requirement of the management at the Care home I worked at and was so prior to this alleged incident and was clearly documented in the staff meeting minutes on 26/10/18 “Shift Swaps- there are now forms in place, these must be completed. There are also now forms for shifts that are being picked up this is so we can keep a track of all shifts picked up and staff cannot say they haven’t agreed to said shift.”
Although in their Grounds of Resistance for the Employment Tribunal they completely deny this was in place.

On the 30/10/2018 I turned up for the first of my three contracted shifts. I was summoned to a Counselling meeting with the Home Care Manager, regarding the alleged missed shift. She stated that she had called me ?at 9.?00am on the 29/10/2018 and left a voice message which I didn’t receive. (Two hours after the alleged shift should have started) This was the first I knew about the alleged missed shift. I freely chose to show the Home Care Manager my call log and voice mail messages to confirm that I did not receive any call or voice message.

After inspecting my call and message logs she agreed that it appeared that I did not receive any calls or messages. Although they now deny this. The meeting ended with the Home Care Manager, advising me in future that I should regularly check the rota to avoid this from happening again. This was all logged on the Counselling documentation which I signed and the matter was deemed closed. I did not recieve a copy of the notes of this meeting.

I worked my three contracted shifts 30/31/10/2018 and 01/11/2018 which all went ahead without incident until my final shift.

On the 01/11/2018 at 14.00pm, thirty minutes before the end of my final contracted shift I was summoned to go for a meeting. I was given no prior notice that it would be taking place at this time and so was unprepared and also surprised by the sudden urgency.

In this meeting it was stated by the Home Manager, that I had failed my probation period due to the alleged missed shift and was told by the Home Care Manager, that it is the Care Homes Policy that the alleged missed shift was classed as a “serious gross misconduct which results in an instant dismissal.” So why allow me to work my contracted 3 shifts) There was absolutely no mention of any statements made against me within this meeting. The Manager, stated that she had been in touch with individuals at Head Office to fight this decision but was unable to do so, the Home Care Manager, also corroborated this claim, again they now deny this. I was physically escorted out of the building by the Home Care Manager in front of colleagues, their family members, the residents and their families as it was the homes Halloween party.

When I got home, I wrote a email to the Home manager and to the head office of the care home provider requesting my SAR (Subject Access Request) and to appeal against their decision, this should take 28 days. I received my SAR on day 43 and have never heard from them regarding my appeal against their decision, in my SAR there were several statements made against me, these statements were apparently made on the 30/10/2018, 31/10/2018 and the 01/11/2018, several of the statements were made by the same people. (These statements were never brought up in my dismissal meeting, even though they were supposedly made on the 30/10/2018, 31/10/2018 and the 01/11/2018) These statements are based on fabricated lies, the dates aren’t even correct, on 30/10/2018 according to the false statements I was on two different units out of the four at the same time, on 31/10/2018 I was on three different units out of the four at the same time. Different people made false statements supposedly on the same day but state that I was on different units.

It is my opinion and I’m sure many will agree, that there was an ulterior motive for my dismissal as I feel that my conduct during my probation period had been above and beyond what was required for the position that I held. My performance, initiative and dedicated care of the residents was constantly commented on and why it was such a surprise to my colleagues and myself when I was suddenly summoned to the meeting and escorted from the premises in such an abrupt manner.
It is my opinion that the real reason for my dismissal was because I made a referral on 27/10/2018 to CQC under the Whistleblowing Policy regarding my concerns over the residents care, which even the management documented in the staff meeting on the 26/10/2018 some of the residents had been neglected for two days, residents not being repositioned (this helps to alleviate pressure sores) I also reported the lack of staff on duty to care for the residents.

I decided to go through Employment Tribunal process, which I have now withdrawn as the Home wanted a gagging order placed on me and I wasn’t prepared to and due to the financial cost it would have had on me after the care home company applied for court costs, therefore I withdrew it without any agreement. In that home I witnessed residents left in urine and faeces amongst other things, I was left on my own with residents and on occasion I had a relative have to bring back residents from the corridors back to the lounge as I wasn’t allowed to leave the floor due to the other residents being high risk of falls, I have seen new staff turn up for their first shift and not come back. There staff turnover is alarmingly high, there are staff members who have worked 17 and a half hour and 24 hour shifts, there is so much more that I have witnessed. I have several character statements from colleagues including senior members who have spoken highly of me and my care towards the residents that I cared for. When I first started working at the home I had to go and buy some toiletries such as shower gels, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bubble bath as many of the residents didn’t have any, therefore I couldn’t do my job without the tools that was required to do so.

The reason I’m speaking out now is because I have now withdrew my Employment Tribunal case against them due to the financial burden it would have had on me, especially after they applied for their court costs if I didn’t withdraw my claim, any money that they offered me came with a gagging order, which I refused to have, money can’t buy my silence. Also there has been several instances where I’ve have had to hear people say in the supermarket and in the street “there’s that woman who was escorted from such and such place” who believe that I actually did something wrong, when in fact I was trying to protect those vulnerable residents who were unable to speak out for themselves, also to highlight the difficulties that whistleblowers face and the consequences by doing the right thing. This Care Home provider even tried to take out a gagging order on CQC after CQC rated one of their homes inadequate, they were also voted the worst care home providers in 2018.

This care home provider had the audacity to imply that my referral to CQC “wasn’t in good faith” yet they openly admitted that residents were being neglected in their staff meeting and documented it in the minutes, they also claimed that they wasn’t aware of any referral to CQC being made, despite QCQ informing them between the 29th and 31st of October 2018. They claimed that there wasn’t any paperwork in place for extra shifts and shift swaps, again it’s clearly documented in the staff meeting minutes that it was prior to the alleged missed shift. Just to clarify, whilst I worked there, I had never missed any shifts, nor was I ever late for a shift, majority of the time I would leave long after my shift had finished to ensure the residents were tendered to and to help my colleagues due to the lack of staffing. Their lies and inaccuracies really are shocking to say the least and these are just a few examples.

The impact this has had on me personally has been emotionally and mentally draining, it has left me with anxiety and I was diagnosed with PTSD due to their actions, lies and poor treatment towards me.''

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable support carers that come to us saying they lost their jobs for raising care concerns. If you are interested in this case study please contact ccftv.cares@gmail,com

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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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