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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery
Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable
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Case Studies

The White Family

Added on 7th July 2018

Jayne Connery visited Mrs White in a new nursing home recovering from her devastating injuries, her family say were caused by preventable neglect

Great -Grandmother Ellen White had six falls in the space of two weeks. Ellen who raised seven children as a single Mother was forced to sell her home to cover her care costs at a care assisted housing faciltiy in Kent. The former Council carer suffered six falls in two weeks and the last one left her with a serious gash to her head and a broken wrist. Ellen lived with dementia and sensors fitted to her bed were meant to alert carers every time she moved. When she was found on the floor of her bedroom covered in blood she was found motionless and sufferimg hyperthermia. The family say that the sensors had been unplugged and how she was cared for was in the very least neglectful.

Gina Begby, Ellen White's grand-daughter told Care Campaign they were ‘horrified’ and ‘deeply distressed’ by her injuries and are still seeking answers from the various Agencies involved in getting to the bottom of how Mrs White suffered these injuries. Gina said 'We want answers and we received none. The injuries she suffered were sickenig and we feel it's just not good enough. Our Nan had dementia and at 90 years old was being failed''.

Ellen who hailed from Dublin was taken to hospital being treated for five weeks. Ellen sadly passed away on the 21st March 2018 from injuries her family say were caused because of preventable neglect’’.

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

We know from the calls and messages we receive daily, preventable neglect and non preventable incidents can happen in communal areas in care homes – residents being left unattended for far too long resulting in falls amongst other failings.

In many cases we hear about preventable neglect has very little to do with the lack of dedication and commitment delivered by many dedicated care staff - many who contact us saying that they are often not listened to, overworked, under staffed and under supported.

Low Pay as many commentators do state, has nothing to do with carers who feel they can badly treat a vulnerable person. Dedicated carers tell us this reflects badly on those that do a great job for pay on a salary that fails to reflect their worth. It is easy to be seduced by the statistics too as one in five care home are currently underperforming, this is seriously worrying.

The care sector has to start viewing safety monitoring as an extra tool. It’s not there to replace good care, spy on anyone, or to interrupt a person’s privacy or dignity, but to enhance and safeguard, to help to protect residents and carers and give Care Providers transparency. We need to push for safety monitoring to be made mandatory in public areas in all care facilities. Ellen White's family deserved these answers after the death of their beloved Nana.

Care Campaign attended a meeting with Ellen White's family, the Care Provider and various agancies. The outcome of the meeting was procedures that had not initially been implemented/carred out at the time in Ellen White's case had been reviewed, so what happened to Mrs White' could not happen again.

Ellen White with her Great Granddaughter a few months before sustaining terrible injuries in her care assisted home

Publicity surrounding Ellen White's injuries after being raised on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable's Campaign (Daily Express). Mrs White's family say her devestating injuries were caused by neglect and poor care delivery.


Dominic Grieve Westminster Speech 2018 on Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Safety Monitoring In Care Homes

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Care Campaign Government Proposal

"The evidence from Providers who have installed CCTV seems to me to merit careful attention and to be quite persuasive"

Dominic Grieve MP

Just some of the Care Providers who support our CCTV Safety Monitoring in Care Homes

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Download their 'Safety Monitoring In Communal Areas in Care Homes' document

British Actress Aimi Macdonald is Care Campaign for the Vulnerable Ambassador - raising public awareness for better, safer, transparent care within the care sector.

I am delighted to be invited as a Ambassador to assist in this wonderful campaign instigated by Jayne Connery regarding CCTV security in care homes throughout the UK. This, I feel, will benefit carers, staff, residents and their families in the event of any dispute. As a relative of someone suffering with Alzheimers disease I have been involved with care homes over the last ten years and I feel the knowledge I have can contribute to this very important initiative

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery, Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

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