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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery
Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable
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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable helps to raise awareness to bring Dad Allan Sheppard back home to be cared for...

13th June 2018



Simone Sheppard with her Dad Allan Sheppard, diagnosed with MND and expressing a wish to go back home to be cared for

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable receives hundreds of messages weekly regarding families and family carers distraught over their treatment in the care sector and how families voices regarding loved one's care, is often resulting in a battle to be heard. In the case of Allan Sheppard, the brave Dad battling Motor Neuron Disease since diagnosis in 2015 - the family say their right to carry out their Dad's wishes and bring him home to be cared for is now looking to not be a possability. Simone Sheppard 36, Allan's carer and devoted daughter told Care Campaign 'I will support my Dad 100 per cent. If he wanted to go into a care home 77 miles away and is his express wish - I would, of course be unhappy, but it would be supported. This is about what my Dad wants and he has always maintained his wish is to go home to carry on fighting to live. The Authorities have made it quite clear that they feel the care package we propose would no longer be sustainable but we strongly disagree and so do some professionals. The CCG /CHC we feel are taking what happened a while back when we DID have trouble with home care agencies into account - but it was NOT our fault. A care agency who came to see dad said they couldn't have the capacity of staff and another home care agency, the carers were not trained. But is this enough to just say its 'broken down'? Dad wants to come home. We've been told he's got maybe two years left. That's two years. It's still a life and he can live it at home with us - it's what he wants. How can we go against that? If he goes into the care home CHC propose 77 miles away with family unable to see him - that will kill him''. She pleaded '''Lets just try one more attempt and if it breaks down then we will say 'at least we've really tried'. The CHC are refusing and even stating via our Solicitor that if we don't take the package of care on offer then there's a possibiltiy they will withdraw all NHS treatment and dad could even be 'forceably removed from the ICU in hospital. How are we suppose to respond to that? It's a threat - do they not know my Dad just wants to go home - to be loved and cared for by those around him who care?''

Care Campaign Founder Jayne Connery was approached by Simone Sheppard asking for help in highlighting the Sheppard family's case to help them bring their Dad home. Jayne said ' This has been a huge battle for the Sheppard family and one I don't know how they've coped with. I wanted to meet Allan for myself to decided what to do and within ten minutes of meeting him and his daughter, I saw a family grieved. Sometimes, the care sector can be a lonely place and often your wants and needs are initially listened to but only for a while and then the system closes off. The bottom line, the CHC say the package of care is not workable and too expensive. The family and all their suporters say it is workable if given the support to mainatain it. I agree. This man is a human being and still has full mental capacity despite his MND. He has the ability to make it clear he wants to fight to go home. In anyone's mind - regardless of anything else, it should be made happen with the right package of care. The way this family have been treated in many aspects of this case has not always been fair.''

Jayne has met with Allan Sheppard's Advocate and daughter Simone and plans are now put in place to reapproach the CCG with another offer regarding home care. Jayne said' We will go back to the CCG/CHC with this offer and then decide what we need to do. I want to thank the Daily Express , though Care Campaign for the Vulnerable's raising public awareness to this families plight the newspaper has put this tragic story front page - we hope this will gain far more public and therefore pressure in finally bringing Allan home to be cared for and giving him and his family, at last, their wish. I want to thank everyone who has offered Alan and his family huge support and the offers of free equipment and fundraising for Mr Sheppard - it has been overwhelming. This proves there is a lot of heart and compassion in the care sector and the Sheppard family are so very grateful for everyone's support.

British Actress Aimi Macdonald is Care Campaign for the Vulnerable Ambassador - raising public awareness for better, safer, transparent care within the care sector.

I am delighted to be invited as a Ambassador to assist in this wonderful campaign instigated by Jayne Connery regarding CCTV security in care homes throughout the UK. This, I feel, will benefit carers, staff, residents and their families in the event of any dispute. As a relative of someone suffering with Alzheimers disease I have been involved with care homes over the last ten years and I feel the knowledge I have can contribute to this very important initiative

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery, Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

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