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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery
Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable
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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable invited into Glenholme House Care Home in Sunderland, part of Wellburn Care Group.

6th December 2018


CCTV safety monitoring in care homes was up for discussion when Founder of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable Jayne Connery accepted a invitation into Glenholme House care home in Sunderland this week. Glenholme House has successfully piloted CCTV safety monitoring throughout the home, including bedrooms. Rachel Beckett CEO of Wellburn Care Homes, explained ‘ We have many residents here with some form of cognitive impairment. We spoke to families and gained their consent. No family member resisted but if they did it wouldn’t be installed in their private room. Carers now can check in on residents at night and see if they are comfortable without going into their rooms and waking them up unnecessarily - it’s showing our residents are less tired in the day and therefore less falls occur - just one of the many positives. Jayne asked Rachel did she see any negatives to having CCTV safety monitoring? Rachel quickly replied ‘None’'.

CCTV saffety montioring in Glenholme House Care Home providing safety and transparency to residents and staff

She added ‘’ Some staff at first were concerned but soon understood it was present for their safety and protection too. Now they forget it’s there. Rachel Beckett MD announced future plans to roll it out across the whole of their fourteen care and nursing homes in the North of England. Rachel said ‘ CCTV safety monitoring in our home at Glenholme House is a huge success. We’ve had it installed 6 months now and everyone has enthusiastically come on board - staff , residents , families. They all see it as a positive and that’s what it is. It’s not about ‘big brother ‘ or ‘spying’. Only senior managers can view its content if a incident should happen. A resident told us he had fainted - naturally we were concerned and checked footage. It was clear from the footage he had not collapsed - he was just confused. Having this technology allowed us to assess what really happened. But it’s so important it allows allows privacy and dignity to our residents, It’s there to flag up any falls /incidents preventable and non preventable. No care home can run 100 per cent all the time, so it gives everyone peace of mind and we wouldn’t be without it - protecting both vulnerable residents and our staff members. All our care workers have now forgotten it’s there. They just do their job. It’s a great success and we now are planning to have it installed throughout our care /nursing homes‘’.

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is delighted to visit homes like Glenholme House - they focus on care which importantly includes trasparency and openness, placing safety and protection to both staff and residents at the forefront of their agenda. Jayne Connery said after the visit '' Walking into Glenholme House it was evident to see the happy residents and staff . Care Homes are of course peoples homes but incidents happen in care homes and everyone should be protected and not behind closed doors with no transparecy to the incidents that can occur. I really do champion homes like Glenholme House and also I champion Care Providers who in business , want to put the care and safeguarding of their clients first. Now we need every care provider to have this dedication and vison - and to champion those that see CCTC safety monitoring as a care assist tool needed in care homes that take care of our most vulnerable and protect our care staff. ''

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable would like to thank all the Managers, staff, residents and CEO Rachel Beckett for welcoming Jayne Connery. We wish them much success for the future.


Report from Marbrook Centre in Cambridge on the benefits to safety monitoring in communal areas for residents and staff.


Dominic Grieve Westminster Speech 2018 on Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Safety Monitoring In Care Homes

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Care Campaign Government Proposal

"The evidence from Providers who have installed CCTV seems to me to merit careful attention and to be quite persuasive"

Dominic Grieve MP

Just some of the Care Providers who support our CCTV Safety Monitoring in Care Homes

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British Actress Aimi Macdonald is Care Campaign for the Vulnerable Ambassador - raising public awareness for better, safer, transparent care within the care sector.

I am delighted to be invited as a Ambassador to assist in this wonderful campaign instigated by Jayne Connery regarding CCTV security in care homes throughout the UK. This, I feel, will benefit carers, staff, residents and their families in the event of any dispute. As a relative of someone suffering with Alzheimers disease I have been involved with care homes over the last ten years and I feel the knowledge I have can contribute to this very important initiative

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery, Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

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