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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS


Proven wilful neglect /abuse against our elderly must be treated as a 'hate crime.'

21st June 2020

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable receives an unprecedented amount of correspondence from families and care workers reporting wilful neglect committed against our most vulnerable elderly in care homes and which the perpetrators who commit such atrocities are not dealt with by the criminal justice system. Families tell us that in cases of proven wilful neglect and abuse few receive custodial sentences and the law must change to enforce stricter penalties. https://www.carehomeprofessional.com/care-campaigners-call-for-reflection-on-world-elder-abuse-awareness-day/

''My mother suffered wilful neglect in a care home. The care worker who inflicted this horrific neglect walked free... this is an insult to our elderly and their human rights.'' Mrs Brown, Northamptonshire.

''My father was treated appallingly in his care home. The provider agreed more that should have been done in his care should have been. Yet no action was taken against that provider. My father died in care from willful neglect and all our family received was an apology. An apology doesn't cut it. We want to see justice for our elderly in care and for those families who feel the law does not protect our elderly many who are voiceless.'' A daughter in care.

My father died in care from what we know to be because of wilful neglect and a police investigation was held. It was pitiful. The young PC didn't have a clue and was well out of his depth. Our father's suffering was handed back to safeguarding - meaning all that would happen was senior management team replaced but still allowed to work with vulnerable elderly. There is absolutely no consequence to lives being lost through neglect in care. The law is weak and not proactive when it comes to protecting our elderly in care. Elderly lives matter too.'' Joanna, Kent.

''Our mother was neglected in care. This even went to the coroners court and it was stated no evidence was available to record anything other than 'accidental' death''. How my elderly mother who was sat in a chair, paralysed down one side ended being 'catapulted' out of it and died soon after from her horrific injuries. How no one could be placed responisble for that is beyond us. We buried our mother on a 'probability'. The provider received no consequence and we received a feable apology, not even a written one. The lives of our most vulnerable elderly are not respected by this Government. Until we see a change in law to come down heavily on these perpertrators and all care homes using safety monitoring to evidence such incidents that happen too often in care homes - it will continue. Elderly lives are not valued and it's time this stopped.'' J.B. Northamptonshire


Proven wilful neglect against our elderly should be treated as a hate crime. We are calling for such legislation yet despite the outcry, we have not noted any progress with regards to specific legal protection for vulnerable people.

Society generally appears to place so little value on older vulnerable people. They are a forgotten demographic and their desire for respect, safety and security that we all seek is generally ignored. It is hard not to think that once a person has lost their ability to actively contribute to society, including registering their vote, they are somehow considered less worthy.

One government after another simply commoditise this group of people and seek to provide services at the lowest possible cost on a one size fits all basis. We have seen for example a long term care funding proposal for elderly vulnerable people kicked into touch by successive governments time after time. If that happened in Education or with Adult NHS acute services provide the public would be much more engaged.

The sad fact is older vulnerable people remain unheard, are considered to be of little value and therefore remain very far down the line. The idea that any Government will take notice and change the law to make abuse of such people a hate crime appears little more than a pipe dream, despite the overwhelming evidence of vulnerable people suffering behind closed doors.

CCTTV has stated countless times that little or no value is ascribed to elderly vulnerable people. The contribution that they formerly made to society in years gone is routinely forgotten and nothing confirms that view more than the repeated delay as to the determination of whether or not elder abuse is a hate crime. It's self evident that older vulnerable people are often abused because they are an easy target, completely unable to defend themselves and usually at the mercy of someone they hold or could reasonably expect to hold in a position of trust. It's an absolute stain on our society that elderly people should be left for a moment longer without the very necessary legal protections to safeguard them.



It is clear to CCFTV that anyone seeking employment in the elderly care sector does so in the knowledge that it is a reasonable expectation that person will show real kindness and concern for the vulnerable people they are to look after. Subsequently, when an older person is abused little doubt exists that the abuse was perpetuated in the belief that age means the elderly individual cannot put up any real resistance, that they are unlikely to be able to raise any sort of alarm, that they are a soft easy target and as a result create an opportunity for repeat offending. For all of those reasons but particularly because of age, older people are targeted and routinely abused.

Whilst CCFTV is completely apolitical, it nevertheless has noted the general apathy of older peoples plight by wider society. Social media for example is full of very negative tropes about elderly people, about 'how they occupy properties that could be used for families, how they are exempted from austerity taxes because of protected pensions, how referendums should be repeated because 'many of the former grey voters will now be dead’ etc etc. The collective societal tone is not positive at all when it comes to older people and it is no surprise we at CCFTV believe total apathy exists when it comes to thinking about older peoples laws.

Currently our lawmakers do nothing. Poor care, abuse and downright neglect continues to be a daily experience for many older people. The Care Quality Commission has continued to confirm that reported serious concerns are forever increasing and little is done by way of a deterrent. Most convicted abusers of older people end up with suspended sentences, many don’t even have to repay sums that related to financial abuse. Many many examples of potential physical abuse exist yet again lawmakers don’t mandate the use of technologies to protect the vulnerable and provide answers for their families. As a result Police and the CPS don’t proceed with incidences due to a ‘lack of evidence’.

It really is time society called for change. That change should start with making the abuse of vulnerable people a hate crime and creating sentences that are lengthy and reflective of the seriousness of a hate crime. Any conviction must result in a custodial sentence to ensure that anyone working with older people understands that cruelty and negligence will not ever be acceptable and if caught will automatically result in prison time.

Older peoples abuse should be considered as repugnant as child abuse and be subjected to the full force of the criminal justice system.

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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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