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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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Supporting Families

Our volunteer supporters have walked in your shoes. We want to help families and family carers who may have a care concern. Our immediate advice if you are worried about a loved one in a care setting and if you have serious care concerns and fear for their or any other residents safety please contact the local safeguarding team and CQC (Care Quality Commission). We understand you may just need like minded people TO LISTEN. We have first hand experience of loved ones in care homes and understand the emotional toll this can sometimes take on a family member and/or family carers. We know everyone is entitled to express their views and to have these views taken into account. If you just need someone to talk to or require support please get in touch via our CONTACT page and one of our team will get straight back to you. If you are worried about a elderly person alone with no family support please go to our LINKS section. We advise Care Providers should they require any guidance regardng familes in care or/and safety in care and if you would like to seek our help /advice please contact direct on ccftv.cares@gmail.com


Do you have what it takes to become a valued volunteer? If so please contact us on the Contact Us section.



"People don't always need advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand them"

‘’After an incredibly long and exhausting battle with Social Services, they have finally agreed to pay the top up for Mum to move from a first floor to a ground floor room. It took the local MP - Kelly Tolhurst, Jayne Connery (Care Campaign For The Vulnerable) an excellent OT, Jarmans Solicitors and many months of 'not giving up' ... with a mountain of paperwork, emails and numerous frustrating phone calls ... but it appears we are finally there’’


’’ Thank you so much CCFTV for all your support’’.


‘’Thanks to Jayne Connery who has held my hand (figuratively speaking) for the last 4-5 weeks, while I navigated the very difficult world of "Local Authority Care / Elderly Social Services" for my mum who has dementia’’.


‘’This week they moved my Father to a much larger room. All sorted out now. Thank s to you Care Campaign For The Vulnerable.’’


Thank you again Care Campaign for all your help - incredible support for no fee’’.


‘’ I can’t thank you and Care Campaign For The Vulnerable enough for guiding me through. Your help has been inspirational’’.


‘’Thank you, Care Campaign For The Vulnerable gave me confidence to deal with problems in my Mum's care home. What you are doing is amazing. Not everyone has the experience or know how to deal with the system. Amazing “.


’’Your great work continues your passion, determination, and professionalism is outstanding. A true visionary and champion in the field of Dementia, your work will lead to a greater understanding and way of thinking not only for the vulnerable but also for the carers who are often sadly forgotten about, in the world of social care‘’


''I can't thank Care Campaign for the Vulnerable enough, truly. Not feeling alone and the feeling of hoplessness, you've been a life-saver!''


‘’Last year my 90 year old Grandmother was neglected by the persons responsible for providing her with “care”. This preventable neglect left her with many injuries and resulted in her being hospitalised for over five weeks. The providers of the care were not forthcoming with answers and extremely dismissive, uncaring and at times quite aggressive. This left us feeling helpless as a family and not knowing where to turn. This is where Jayne and Care Campaign...stepped in giving us the support and advice we so desperately needed. Eventually Social Services did find the care provider had neglected my Grandmother. I don’t think we would have got this outcome without Jayne’s guidance, care and knowledge and for that, we will be forever in her debt’’.


''In life it's always easy to walk on by - especially if you believe an occuranc has no impact on you personally...enter Jayne and Care Campaign. Not one to simply stroll on past, here's a lady who wants to help people and improve their lives. jayne's passion and conviction shines through as she workd tirelessly to help make life better for people living with dementia ad their familes/carers. Her mission to have safety monitoring in all communal areas of dementia care/nursing homes is a fantastic project and one i hope she wins. Sharp, driven and tenatious, Jayne reminds me of all the good that people can create when they have the mind to... Three cheers for Jayne and good luck... the best way to prepare for the future is to take care of the present.''

C Clifford (Linkedin)

''Jayne is a committed, tireless, articulate an passionate advocate for better dementia care and particularly championing safety monitoring throughout public areas of care homes throughout the UK. She has single-handedly created the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable initiative herself while being the primary care partner to her Mother who lives with dementia. She is a leader and a supportive collatorator who is full of energy and creative ideas.''

S. Macauley (Dementia Advocate and Coach)

''Jayne is working tirelessly to raise awareness of the problems faced by those living with dementia. She is also a supporter of the charity BRACE which raises funds for research into dementia and as a trustee, am really pleased that she is so willing to give her time to this.''

Heledd Wyn (Estate Planning, Long Term Care & Asset Protection (Solicitor and TEP) and Trustee of BRACE Alzehimers UK)

’’Thank you much for all your help and guidance ... invaluable. We got there in the end’’


'' Thank you for your advice Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. I know this will improve things in my Mother's care home and I know where you are, should i need further advice or help.''


''I was at breaking point and agreed to help from Care Campaign For The Vulnerable. I can't believe the difference it has made having Jayne there as my advocate. I would recommend anyone who is having problems in the care sector to seek their advice. Thank you for being beside me. With guidance and support I had the confident to put my point across and to actually be heard. I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me . I will be forever grateful.''



Our Director's statement to why Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was set up.


Report from Marbrook Centre in Cambridge on the benefits to safety monitoring in communal areas for residents and staff.


Dominic Grieve Westminster Speech 2018 on Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Safety Monitoring In Care Homes

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Care Campaign Government Proposal

"The evidence from Providers who have installed CCTV seems to me to merit careful attention and to be quite persuasive"

Dominic Grieve MP

Just some of the Care Providers who support our CCTV Safety Monitoring in Care Homes

Shedfield Lodge Logo

Download their 'Safety Monitoring In Communal Areas in Care Homes' document

British Actress Aimi Macdonald is Care Campaign for the Vulnerable Ambassador - raising public awareness for better, safer, transparent care within the care sector.

I am delighted to be invited as a Ambassador to assist in this wonderful campaign instigated by Jayne Connery regarding CCTV security in care homes throughout the UK. This, I feel, will benefit carers, staff, residents and their families in the event of any dispute. As a relative of someone suffering with Alzheimers disease I have been involved with care homes over the last ten years and I feel the knowledge I have can contribute to this very important initiative

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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