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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS


The Caring View

The Caring View started in 2021 as an exclusive YouTube show, aimed at highlighting best practice for care managers during the COVID19 pandemic. It has since gone on to have a podcast, featuring exclusive interviews and content as well as remaining a livestreamed show across LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube with the hosts, Mark Topps and Adam Purnell being joined by at least one subject matter expert.

Both Mark and Adam were Registered Managers when the show was first created. Adam has since become the Director of Social Care at the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM) and Mark is a Regional Business Manager for the largest reablement service in the United Kingdom.

The Caring View welcomes anyone to raise ideas for future shows as well as opening the show to anyone who wants to join the hosts to share their experiences or opinions. You should watch and subscribe to The Caring View because it remains the only consistent and honest weekly chat show aimed at raising awareness of the social care sector.

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Almas Industries


National Care Awareness Survey

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CCFTV is very proud and excited to announce our partnership with UK CARE WEEK.

UK Care Week absorbs past healthcare brands (Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo and the Home Care Expo) into an event that is inclusive to the whole care industry.

In November 2021, the National Care Awareness Survey identified recruitment, retention and funding as the biggest challenges faced by the care industry.

The strength of the social care sector is its incredibly passionate and dedicated workforce; from care assistants to CEOs, they are heroes who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Unfortunately, it’s these very heroes that have suffered under the challenges of the industry. A lack of funding has stretched companies thin, leading to a lack of professional development opportunities and an uphill battle in recruitment and retention as other industries pay more and provide better support.

That’s where UK Care Week comes in. From solving staff recruitment and retaining existing staff, to providing staff support, accessing finance, offering training and promoting employee wellbeing UK Care Week hosts everything you need to succeed.

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National Association of Care & Support Workers

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Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted helps families do more for loved ones living with, or at risk of, dementia. Our picture postcard service helps families connect meaningfully with loved ones consistently, from a distance. Families use our product to ease elderly isolation, enhance loved ones’ sense of identity and well-being.

Through our digital platform, families rally to design weekly picture post cards for elderly loved ones. Using their account, they can also connect with curated content on the impact of dementia on the family as a whole and to learn more. All of this reassures families they are doing their part to care for their loved ones.

Grandparents receive a physical card each week which they collect in their personalised memory albums. They turn to them when they feel alone or with a carer to travel through their life experiences, all the while keeping them connected to family and active mentally.

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No1 Healthcare Limited

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My Life TV

My Life TV – the first video-on-demand streaming service designed to occupy, entertain and improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia, showing programmes that have been created and adapted for their cognitive needs – TV shows that they can follow and enjoy. My Life TV gives users at home or in a care setting easy access to our dementia-friendly platform via mobile or desktop, and it can be cast to a TV. The service has been developed by the UK charity My Life Films (No. 1157198) and is free to try for one month followed by a monthly subscription fee of £4 for up to three devices. '

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Living For Moments

Our vision is to support care homes to become much more of a community able to respond to the wide interests, skills and aspirations of people living there. We aim to reduce loneliness and support managers to prioritise meaningful engagements with their residents.

As part of this vision especially now in the extra pressure created by the Covid pandemic we are offering practical support for staff e.g. preparing care plans, workshops, audits and supervisions. These will help staff to keep well, prevent the danger of burn out and free up time for staff to really get to know their residents.

Biggest benefits for the homes when using our services:
? Improve residents' quality of life by listening to them and responding to their suggestions. By engaging with residents and responding to their interests staff can slow the cognitive and physical decline of the elderly people in their care.
? Provide access to partners in a whole range of fields who are able to meet the different expectations of residents in care homes and increase the variety of activities available.
? Improving the home's knowledge of skills, interests and aspirations of residents, families and their staff so the home is able to provide new opportunities to enrich the lives of all who live there.
? As the homes become more attractive places to live and work, it becomes easier to fill vacancies and operate at full capacity.

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Shedfield Lodge Care Home

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Ambassador Care Home Shedfield Lodge

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Merrilee Harbinson

I have worked in the health and social care sector for nearly 20 years, as a volunteer, Support Worker, Registered Nurse, Registered Manager, and in Senior Management. I have witnessed excellent practice and have worked in turnaround roles to rectify poor practice and culture.

I am extremely passionate about the work being done by CCFTV to support vulnerable people and those who care for them.

Ashridge Home Care

Care Protect

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Colin Stevenson - Notable Change International

I am a business culture analyst, looking to support the care industry build strong communities through their culture. I will show how to bring permanent staff back in to the industry, save fortunes on wasted revenue and most importantly, provide the best care possible for all residents and service users. I look forward to connecting with other like-minded people to make the necessary changes that are well overdue.

Nick Young




Seniors Helping Seniors

Our Partners:
Signature Care Homes


CCFTV Partners with Signature Care Homes - supporting independent safety monitoring systems to protect the vulnerable elderly looked after in long-term care facilities.

We are sponsored by

Winncare is delighted to sponsor the Care Campaign For The Vulnerable and fully support their commitment to safeguarding the vulnerable elderly. Our organisations have shared values based on supporting care home residents to live safe and fulfilled lives.


The Eagle lifting cushion, combined with the ISTUMBLE health assessment app, empowers care home workers to make good decisions around lifting residents that fall. Winncare’s work to safeguard residents’ lives aligns with CCFTV’s ambitions to protect the vulnerable elderly looked after in long term care facilities.

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Slater and Gordon

Slater and Gordon

Click to the logo above to visit the Slater and Gordon Lawyers Website

Slater and Gordon Partnership

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CCFTV proud to be sponsored by Borderless - Struggling to hire? Borderless technology platform makes international hiring fast, transparent and affordable.

Question Time - Safety Monitoring

Question Time - Public Inquiry

Question Time - Evictions in Care

Evicition in Care

CCFTV influencing Safety monitoring in communal areas in care homes


Our Director's statement to why Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was set up.

Should there be a Covid-19 public inquiry?

CCFTV and Slater and Gordon UK lead the call for a public inquiry on the handling of care homes during the Covid pandemic.



Report from Marbrook Centre in Cambridge on the benefits to safety monitoring in communal areas for residents and staff.


Dominic Grieve Westminster Speech 2018 on Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Safety Monitoring In Care Homes

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Care Campaign Government Proposal

"The evidence from Providers who have installed CCTV seems to me to merit careful attention and to be quite persuasive"

Dominic Grieve MP

Just some of the Care Providers who support our CCTV Safety Monitoring in Care Homes

Shedfield Lodge Logo

Download their 'Safety Monitoring In Communal Areas in Care Homes' document

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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