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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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My Life TV

My Life TV – the first video-on-demand streaming service designed to occupy, entertain and improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia, showing programmes that have been created and adapted for their cognitive needs – TV shows that they can follow and enjoy. My Life TV gives users at home or in a care setting easy access to our dementia-friendly platform via mobile or desktop, and it can be cast to a TV. The service has been developed by the UK charity My Life Films (No. 1157198) and is free to try for one month followed by a monthly subscription fee of £4 for up to three devices. '

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Living For Moments

Our vision is to support care homes to become much more of a community able to respond to the wide interests, skills and aspirations of people living there. We aim to reduce loneliness and support managers to prioritise meaningful engagements with their residents.

As part of this vision especially now in the extra pressure created by the Covid pandemic we are offering practical support for staff e.g. preparing care plans, workshops, audits and supervisions. These will help staff to keep well, prevent the danger of burn out and free up time for staff to really get to know their residents.

Biggest benefits for the homes when using our services:
? Improve residents' quality of life by listening to them and responding to their suggestions. By engaging with residents and responding to their interests staff can slow the cognitive and physical decline of the elderly people in their care.
? Provide access to partners in a whole range of fields who are able to meet the different expectations of residents in care homes and increase the variety of activities available.
? Improving the home's knowledge of skills, interests and aspirations of residents, families and their staff so the home is able to provide new opportunities to enrich the lives of all who live there.
? As the homes become more attractive places to live and work, it becomes easier to fill vacancies and operate at full capacity.

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Shedfield Lodge Care Home

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Ambassador Care Home Shedfield Lodge

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Merrilee Harbinson

I have worked in the health and social care sector for nearly 20 years, as a volunteer, Support Worker, Registered Nurse, Registered Manager, and in Senior Management. I have witnessed excellent practice and have worked in turnaround roles to rectify poor practice and culture.

I am extremely passionate about the work being done by CCFTV to support vulnerable people and those who care for them.

Ashridge Home Care


Colin Stevenson - Notable Change International

I am a business culture analyst, looking to support the care industry build strong communities through their culture. I will show how to bring permanent staff back in to the industry, save fortunes on wasted revenue and most importantly, provide the best care possible for all residents and service users. I look forward to connecting with other like-minded people to make the necessary changes that are well overdue.

Nick Young




Almas Industries

Seniors Helping Seniors

Say So...

We met Jayne Connery at her latest networking meeting and we were so pleased to talk to people who were as motivated as us to create real and meaningful change for the lives of the service users in care settings. We realised straight away that our goals were the same – keeping vulnerable people safe.
We are proud to be a supporter of the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable and applaud the fantastic progress being achieved by Jayne and her group of experienced and committed Health Care Professionals.

More and more progressive and forward-looking care providers are realising that to include all their staff in contributing and highlighting risk information can only lead to better overall performance and, specifically, greater safety for the service users. Notably, Say So can operate with existing procedures or technical installations such as CCTV safety monitoring and of course will not be limited by privacy considerations so has an access-all-areas deterrent capability. We believe the writing is on the wall, positive change is coming to communication in the workplace in the care sector.

With so many reviews, reports, studies and care staff themselves telling us of the concerns that they were unable to report, our service will unlock much more information than would otherwise be available to management concerning risks to the service user and ultimately to the care provider.
We believe that Say So is not only a tool for improving risk management – it also makes good financial and business sense in so many ways.

We look forward to working with Jayne and her campaign group to reach our common goal of keeping vulnerable people safe while receiving care. All details of our service are at www.say-so.co.uk and enquiries can be made at info@say-so.co.uk

Shaun Keep and Paul Adams
Directors - Say So Ltd


MASIS Mobility and Support Information Service

Elaine Hollerhead

The Community Support Network

It is important to support good causes, but some are also worthy causes such as JayneConnery - CCTVDementia campaign. I have investigated many concerns against providers as a council officer, which with the use of CCTV we could have put a stop to then and there.

James Chandler Community Development Manager Cambridge Manor Care Home

Karin Flower Celeb FC

My name is Karin Flower, I am the founder of A voluntary Celebrity Football team, which supports small UK charities and individuals, and my mum Peggy, 79, has vascular dementia.
My mum’s ability to remember, understand, communicate and reason has declined at a steady pace over the last 4 years – with some astoundingly severe changes, following short illnesses.
However, every now & then there are flashes of her prior self – her sparkling personality, her wit, her intelligence (a published author) – which I long to cling too… As I am sure she would too…
At the beginning of this journey, I tried to care for her at home, but with failing health myself, a specialist extra-care home was the sensible option. These facilities offer round the clock care (if and when needed) along with a peace of mind for me that my mum has people on site to help her with day-to-day tasks, which are becoming more difficult as time passes.
The home she is in has been great on many occasions and not so great on others and after a number of falls & lost glasses / keys / food incidents (yes food) my sister and I decided to install CCTV in her flat. Her falls are less now (I can’t explain why) but also, just being able to have a quick peek on her every now and then has really helped with our peace of mind. This is just a cheap, Wi-Fi enabled CCTV inside her flat (not in communal areas) but it still took some persuading of the “facility” – as they didn’t want it initially. But I firmly believe it helps.
Every now and then I’ll call mum on the telephone and she will give me a cute wave on the camera (I prompt her to remember they are there). I personally feel, this should have been a standard part of the property, to safeguard not only mum, but the carers too (my mum can be very vocal when she doesn’t want to take her med’s & if you were listening outside you would believe she was being attacked).
Taking away my personal experiences, I am extremely confused as to how it’s widely recognised that childcare facilities, such as nurseries have CCTV, as do supermarkets to assist with monitoring the care for their charges; but those who care for the vulnerable elderly have no such monitoring system.
It’s been proven time and time again, that the main way to expose care failings for the most vulnerable is to film it.
With CCTV in all care homes and facilities as standard, relatives who have concerns would be reassured. There would be no pressure on the wonderful carers who do a thoroughly good job to whistle blow either as the CCTV could be monitored for any failings.
It would also help with the recruitment of only those who would be happy to be seen doing their job. Thus, weeding out the care workers who for whatever reason are just not meant to be in a role where vulnerable people are being looked after.
With Jaynes campaign and more and more people talking about this, surely, we can go from gasping at horrific footage shown after the event, to all feeling more secure in the knowledge our loved ones and maybe even one day “we” will be watched over and safe.

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Slater and Gordon

Slater and Gordon


Our Director's statement to why Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was set up.


Report from Marbrook Centre in Cambridge on the benefits to safety monitoring in communal areas for residents and staff.


Dominic Grieve Westminster Speech 2018 on Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Safety Monitoring In Care Homes

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Care Campaign Government Proposal

"The evidence from Providers who have installed CCTV seems to me to merit careful attention and to be quite persuasive"

Dominic Grieve MP

Just some of the Care Providers who support our CCTV Safety Monitoring in Care Homes

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Download their 'Safety Monitoring In Communal Areas in Care Homes' document

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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