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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS


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My mum is in a nursing home in Scotland and was verbally abused by a carer. When we made a complaint to management my mum was served with eviction notice within 28 days. This upset me greatly so I decided to set up petition to have law changed that elderly can't be evicted for family complaining. We have since been banned from contacting my mum on a page the home had for families. The manager put up a post on this page making slanderous allegations investigating by the police but that the families allegations were false. I think this is very unprofessional conduct by a manager. Now we have grave concerns over my mum that something more than verbal abuse took place. My mum has vascular dementia heart condition suffers seizures and has had several strokes. Anytime family complain we are threatened with eviction. Surely this can't be right we are all concerned for my mum we can't contact her ?”

Susan B - 20/04/2020
CCFTV replied...

Hello Susan

We are very concerned to read your message.

No family should be afraid to complain if legitimate care concerns happen. A good manager and provider would ensure any issues be addressed and work together with the family for the sake of the resident.

Sadly it sounds like the relationship has broken down between you, your family and management. Not knowing the full details it’s very difficult to comment further. However, sometimes notice to quit can be in the best interest of a loved one especially if care concerns are not being addressed. We understand how this can bring deep distress. The priority here is your loved one. Please e mail us on the contact section page and we will try to assist advise you further.

I would like to raise awareness to how poorly our elderly are treated and even more so with dementia .
My mum was in a care home ( not nursing ) she took ill two weeks ago
We were told it was a chest infection. No symptoms for covid -19.
Mum was given antibiotics but as we know they don’t always work , Sunday last week I asked the care home call 111 for a doctor to come out . The doctor gave mum more antibiotics and advised it was a chest infection . The doctor said she needed hospital but again told us to wait see if the antibiotics kick in over the next twenty four hours . Due to lack of knowledge & training as they are only HCA ‘s ,mum mum was just left
I face timed mum Tuesday and I could see how very poorly mum was & insisted they call 111 . The doctor called me at 2 am to say he had spoken to the home staff, and the kindest thing for mum was to prepare for end of life. No one saw mum , the staff have no nursing qualifications. How can he make this call?.
I called mums new GP the following morning, he knew I was stressed & upset , assuring me he would get the paramedics to go check mum out.
He spoke to the home called me back told me no he wasn’t doing that , she was end of life. I asked , begged in fact , the home to call paramedics , they told me it would be classed as safe guarding if they called them .
The senior director went to assess mum and her words , she called back and said no more actions to be taken she was end of life . No one has a medical background.
They allowed me to put PPE on and visit mum . Then mum was left with no medication at all, no end of life comfort in our view was given .
Mum tested positive to corona yesterday & she passed away on her own around 6.30 pm .
They had promised me they would be with her but no one was .
I know the carers have tried their very best as I know they felt powerless ..
Heartbreaking to think my wonderful mum was treated like this & no one would help or listen.
I understand we are in a pandemic & it’s awful times but procedures
Should have been put in place to help & treat the elderly .
I will fight for all the others in honour of my mum. .

Cheryl Harrison - 18/04/2020
CCFTV replied...


Thank you for your message.

... and now your story has been heard . It’s devastating losing a parent but it’s unthinkable to know you couldn’t be there with them at the end. The pandemic is certainly bringing unthinkable challenges to the sector and we must praise staff and providers who are going above and beyond. But we are receiving far too many heartbreaking messages like yours mirroring your experience and we know that testing must be prioritised in care homes and our care staff must also be prioritised.

We can’t imagine you or your family’s pain and again , we send our heartfelt condolences for your loss. We are adamant Care Campaign For The Vulnerable will call publicly for better transparency in the care of our loved ones especially during this unprecedented time.

I've been overwhelmed with the support and information I've received from Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. I really could not have coped with the pressure over the last few weeks if it hadn't been for the constant contact I’ve had from this organisation. My Mother’s situation started to change at such speed when they become involved. I will always be grateful for the vast amount of knowledge, comfort and support Care Campaign for the Vulnerable has provided my mother and myself with.
Thank you.

Tracey Goddard - 18/04/2020
CCFTV replied...

Tracy thank you so much. We are so very pleased your mum is now out of hospital and in a care home. Always here if you or your mother need further support.

I am deeply impressed with Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. I could not believe how quickly you got back to me, within an hour of my first call to you asking for advice and help. Not only was the advice reassuring, but you also put me and my family in contact with CQC, as well as explain to them our situation. So within the space of just a couple of hours, we were receiving great support and solid advice. Brilliant. A huge thank you.


Robert Green - 18/04/2020
CCFTV replied...


Thank you so much. So pleased you feel you are now better supported.

Always here if you require further advice.

Many thanks, this website is very handy

RogerpesMS - 10/02/2020

hi our son lives in his own home and recently started having agency staff we have always had a cctv camera in his room and bathroom, and he knws its there to keep him safe. Unless there is an incident it was rarely looked at. Now safeguarding are coming in as we have had a recent near theft by a carer of sons belongings and they more concerned we have cctv cameras which are also there to protect them if he had a challenging behaviour incident. Our son is very distressed as he lost a carer and now social services are coming in to ask questions and he does not want to talk to them. we hold the LPA and he wants dad or me to talk for him as is his right. I can see the rules regarding cctv in care homes but what about your own home with the persons consent

Suzanne Morrison - 31/10/2019
CCFTV replied...


Thank you for your message and sorry to hear your concerns.

If a client is receiving funded care then social services may want to be aware of these cameras and you would need to check on the legal position. You could contact UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) and they will be able to advise you or the CQC on their website regarding cameras in home care.

Please let us know how you get on it if we can help you further.

As a family, we have gone through the very traumatic and harrowing experience of my Mother sustaining 'unexplained injuries' within a care home in Wellingborough. The management (at that time) being in complete denial, defensive and totally lacking in any compassion. In conclusion and after a so called internal investigation, my Mother's injuries were found to be 'self inflicted' !!!

I have just read the most recent CQC report on this particular Home and its findings are damning - rated INADEQUATE and under 'Special Measures'.
I feel vindicated for my concerns and for the stance I took then (2018).

I would encourage any family that if they have any concerns whatsoever, regarding the care of their loved ones, they should raise them immediately without hesitation.

I just wanted Jayne Connery to be aware of this as she was of great support to me, at that difficult time.
Thank you, Care Campaign For The Vulnerable, for all the work that you continue to do and for all the awareness that you raise!

Donna Reynolds

Donna R. - 03/07/2019
CCFTV replied...


We remember you and your case very well.

The difficulty in care that's reported to us is the lack of transparency with some providers and the stress facing families like yours who demand to know how injuries happen to their loved ones. This is a reasonable request and in any walks of life if a person sustains injuries then answers to how these injuries happen should be offered. We know that in many cases the not knowing brings doubt and with doubt brings mistrust, It seems families like yours report to us that they feel a ''cloak of silence'' appears and families feel they have a lack of support with various agencies, some even reciting that they feel'' very much out excluded''. This should never be the case when un-witnessed and unexplained injuries happen in a care settting towards a loved one innocently or not. We are pleased you moved your loved one into a better care environment and thank you for your support to Care Campaign For The Vulnerable

I was shocked by the Radio 4 package today highlighting the lack of oral care for vunerable people in Residential care. There should be an assessment of oral needs as laid down in the Nice Guidlines upon admission. One case highlighed the staff were not aware a lady had dentures It is likely they had not been removed for 2 years. The dentures were removed in A&E !!!!

Robert - 24/06/2019
CCFTV replied...

Hi Robert

We received many messages from families in care telling of loved ones raising issues to oral hygiene as well as lack of knowledge on hearing aids. This is basic care and often left to a family to administer these important care needs.

My brother has dementia and is doubly incontinent and lives with me. I am his full time carer. For one week respite social services found him a placement at a care home listed as GOOD by the CQC. A week later he came home smelling like a vagrant - had not been washed, shaved or changed, wearing someone elses trousers. I contacted the home straight away to ask where all his clothes were and was told they must still be in the laundry. He also had bad urine burns it took six months to heal. We never did get his clothes back. I complained to the CQC and was told by a social worker they were going to hold a safeguarding meeting - everything went quiet and ten weeks later I had a visit from an admiral nurse who asked me how I had got on at the meeting....nobody had told me where or when the meeting was being held, but the social worker had told her I had attended. I asked to see the results of the meeting and eventually I got a letter stating that as no notes or daily records had been documented during my brothers stay - barely any proof that he'd actually stayed there - apart from the missing clothes they advised me to go and look for myself, everything else was classed as unsubstantiated (swept under the carpet) Two years later the CQC removed seventeen residents and shut the place down. I only placed him there as the CQC rated it as GOOD.

GS - 19/06/2019
CCFTV replied...


We agree that in too many cases brought to us families are facing many challenges and concerns with family members being placed in a care home for respite. It's evident that any CQC inspection can only get a snap shot of care delivery over a couple of days. It's been documented that in some GOOD rated care homes have in fact failed in their responsibility to deliver good safe care. Saying this, we know the CQC are a very important organisation doing much good but we feel safety monitoring would help extensively in their inspection process and bring in a extra layer of transparency for vulnerable residents and care staff.

The abuse to my mum has haunted me and my family. I am finding it hard to come to terms this could happen to a 84 year old lady in a care setting. It took two weeks for the Directors to say sorry this had happened. I’ve have no support since. I phoned CQC with my concerns and the Inspector said he was going to raise a safeguarding to the local authority. He then followed , with “ Have you thought about moving your mum , there are SOME good homes in your area”. I was shocked. As the daughter of a mum whose been abused and worrying if mum is being treated respectfully , the thought of unsettling mum to her detriment, to find availability in a suitable home, one where she isn't going to be mistreated again would be a huge undertaking.

This could all be resolved through having CCTV in communal areas. It would also helped the police with their investigations immeasurably as there are questions that need to be investigated by them as to relevant carers comings and goings , which is a huge drain on their resources and time when these could be answered simply by CCTV.

CCTV for us offers reassurance and security to the residents and families on so many levels that’s why I am supporting safety monitoring in care homes”.

Ms L.

Miss L - 19/06/2019

I just came across your website after reading a very sad story on facebook of abuse towards a lady in a care home. It was shocking..I think what the Care Campaign are doing is amazing. Thank you..

Annon - 08/05/2019

My mum has many unexplained injuries,there have been carers who have refused to help her with toileting, 2 of the staff were supposed to be appearing at disciplinary investigation, I was assured they would not have contact with my mum again. I have never been told the outcome of this and one of the carers is back working with my mum again.
I keep complaining, but don't feel I'm listened to, I'm afraid to complain too much in case they tell her to leave. What should I do?

Belinda of London - 26/04/2019
CCFTV replied...

Hello Belinda

We are very sorry to hear your poor care experience and in the first instance we would suggest you contact the Home Manager as well as
sending a e mail correspondence to the provider asking for a investigation outcome.

The concern your family could face if you complain with being asked to leave is a real concern with many families and one Care Campaign for the Vulnerable hears regularly. We never accept and we condemn any care home that makes any family feel this way when raising legitimate care concerns.

We are happy to offer our support to you to ensure your concerns are adhered to and we will e mail you confidentially if you can send in your contact details through our contact section.

PLEASE stop residents being thrown out of care homes .

This happened to us December 2018 .Both our parents were in the same home. Mum had Dementia and had been in the home for 5 years she was well looked after until new owners took over she was 94 Dad was in there for just over a year he was nursing about 5 weeks after he passed away. We received the letter to remove Mum - they gave us 28 days it was the worst time of our lives. I have all the letters from the care home. I lodged a complaint with CQC and CCG but have not heard anything back .Sadly Mum passed away 3 weeks ago the care home we moved her to were so good at least Mum passed well cared for .I am sorry BUT THIS HAS TO STOP..We were NOT distruptive relatives but we did question the homes care.

Sue Harris - 17/04/2019

I have been advocating for CCTV in care homes for a long time .
It’s a necessatity.
It would protect the vulnerable and be a great asset in any care setting.
You have my 100% support and please feel free to use my name .
I am a dementia advocate.
I have been asking for a national 24/7 dementia helpline too.
One day hopefully it will come.

Derek Fisher - 05/03/2019

As a Registered Manager with over ten years of experience being responsible for the care and welfare of some of the most vulnerable members of our society, I firmly believe and support the use of CCTV monitoring in Care Environments and Homes.
I am compelled to support this campaign and passionately believe this notion to be the foundation of providing outstanding care, promoting translucency throughout every care organisation and ensuring our most vulnerable are firstly and fore mostly safe and protected from harm.

Hannah Forsyth - 02/02/2019
CCFTV replied...


Care Campaign For The Vulnerable is always thrilled to receive messages of support from care professionals like yourself. The challenges and day to day running of a care home is truly understood by Managers in particular and understand the need for safety monitoring in a environment housing vulnerable people and their dedicated care staff. We have always said the commitment and dedication by many care staff is truly remarkable and cctv safety monitoring is a care assist tool implemented to bring more transparency and effectiveness in to help highlight issues sometimes even before they become a concern. Thank you Hannah. We really do appreciate your message.

It was such an honour and pleasure to meet you. You exceeded our expectations by being so warm and extremely relatable
Thank you so very much for your efforts and great answers to great questions. 

Bernadette Mitre Hounslow Pensioners Forum - 27/01/2019

It was lovely to meet you and hear you speak with such knowledge and passion! It had a massive effect on everyone in the team. It was incredible ‘’. Thank you.

Claire Feldkamp. Almas Industries - 27/01/2019

Acknowledgement to Jayne Connery for her vision and great work she does for the vulnerable People in care..
I have been a case manager in a welfare organization here in Australia, assisting our Client's to get a Community package .
I was appalled by what I personally witnessed when my beloved Mother endured in four different Nursing homes due to lack of proper trained Staff such as Personal Carer Assistants for example. I am a very determined advocate to see that this Industry has a complete overhaul and that CCTV camera's be placed in all areas which will give residents , their families and Management as well as the wonderful Staff are giving the appropriate care , peace of mind in the event that evidence is needed due to a complaint.

Eva - 23/07/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear Eva

Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear your experiences in care with your loved one and it’s evident care failings are not just a U.K concern. We believe as do many people who have vulnerable loved ones in care , safety monitoring should be installed in communal areas in all care /nursing homes. These areas having this type of monitoring installed would pick up , identify falls and many preventable and even non preventable accidents/incidents. Those people living with dementia are more susceptible to risk of neglect and safety monitoring would also benefit our wonderful dedicated Carers. But it’s also important to add while the sector have dedicatrd care workers in abundance it would be niave to suggest all Carers who work in homes have this level of dedication.

Thank you for your support and be assured Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is pushing hard with the support of Carers , families and many conscientious-led care providers to make safety monitoring mandatory.

Hi, I work as a carer (personal support assistant), my Nan has dementia and I really want to help support your cause as I passionately believe that CCTV should be compulsory for all vulnerable adults being cared for- I keep reading in the newspaper of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable cases where abuse is happening and would like to know how I can help your cause, Is there petitions / signatures that I can help to gain in the Birmingham area as I know that the majority of my colleagues and family members and friends would be in support of this. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Amie - 14/06/2018
CCFTV replied...

Hi Amie

Thank you for your kind message of support. You can register on our website and rally friends /colleagues to do the same. We also have a big social media presence so come on board and let’s support the use of safety monitoring in all care homes together!

My Mum has dementia and was in a care home in Wellingborough from the 2nd March 2018 - 31st March 2018. Since being at the nursing home I raised my concerns to the Manager relating to my Mum's personal care for eg: often her dentures were not in when taken to the lounge, despite having a wet room ensuite this was never used as the floor was always dry, my Mum was given a wash from a plastic bowl each day. My Mum had two falls whilst at the second fall resulted in her being admitted to Northampton General Hospital. Despite having dementia I found that her meal tray was put of her reach in her room and the food not eaten. When I visited her she was often thirsty and hungry. Her weightloss in that period dropped from 62kgs to 58kgs, which was upsetting to see. I raised safeguarding concerns to Northamptonshire County Council and reported my concerns to Northampton Healthwatch who have been able to investigate my concerns. My Mum has been placed at another nursing home after discharge from Northampton General Hospital on the 12th May, Another nursing home which does not have enough staff to support residents with dementia. Yesterday we had a CHC meeting and the daily notes and the medication charts did not match on various days because of poor recording of information. This does not instill much confidence in some of the care administered. The carpet in the downstairs lounge is filthy and smells, there is no stimulation for the residents downstairs of which my Mum is one. Since being there since the 12th May 2018, my Mum had joined in one activity which was painting upstairs, otherwise she is sat in front of a television day and night. I have been told I need to let go by Adult Social Care and other nursing homes, however, the care of the most vulnerable people in society is absolutely disgusting and basic personal care is not of a basic standard. I have been battling for over a year to get CHC funding so that my Mum can remain in her own home with care in place. However, instead I am being hounded by the Local Authority to complete deferred payments paperwork so that my Mum's house can be sold and used for her care. I am shocked that this generation have paid into a system which is failing them and they have worked hard all their lives to pay national insurance and now having to pay for sub standard care. You have given me hope reading your campaign information and background to your work. Well done!

Regards Marcia

Marcia - 08/06/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear Marcia

Thank you for contacting Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. I am sorry you faced problems in your mums first care home and subsequently unhappy with care standards in her second. I'ts totally unacceptable having a loved one in a care home not receiving the good standard of care and safety they deserve and pay for. Worryingly, you have been advised to 'let go' by adult social care - a very unprofessional response to inadequate care standards towards a loved one and a very unethical poor attitude from a person of responsibility towards a resident's care.

Relatives like you the care home sector needs and very important people like you are not silenced for fear of being labelled '.troublesome'. I would strongly advise if you see something you are not happy with, document it and then raise the issue with the Manager. If you feel this isn't being treated as seriously as it should contact the Care Homes complaints department and a call to CQC is also advised.

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable would like to thank you for your support

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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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