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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery
Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable
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My cousins husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia at the age of 46 he is now in his 50s. The other day while at a day centre in Suffolk he walked out unnoticed. When realised that he was missing police were called and a helicopter put up. In the end he was missing for over two hours and found laying in a ditch. He is now very ill laying in a hospital with his with wife by his bedside. This all could have been prevented if a CCTV camera had been installed. Really shows how important these cameras are for these valuable people. For me this is the second family member with dementia to have gone missing, which really makes me more than 100% behind this campaign.

Paula Davey - 07/08/2017

Hi I've donated to your Memory Walk. I worked in one of the best nursing homes and that's. Where my gran slipped away to heaven the staff have been there years and we had plenty of wipes, gloves , pads, bedding and it never smelt like some nursing homes we were not to wear our uniforms in or after work for bugs etc and hygiene, I enjoyed working there and it was challenging I worked 12 hr night shifts and in the morning when day shift came in it was such a good feeling knowing I had made the residents as comfy and helped no matter what , I also spent extra time with some people who had no visitors Braeside house is a home I would recommend (for the blind) just wish more homes were like this one xxxc from Lynne xxx

Lynne Hibernian black - 17/07/2017
Jayne Connery replied...

Dear Lynn

To say we are overwhelmed by your donation is an understatement. Thank you so much. It's carers like you that are holding this care Sector together and many in your profession are not valued as much as you should be reflecting in the hours you work and pay you receive. . CCTV in care homes campaign would like to thank you on behalf of all the families and care staff who supoort us. Thank you !!

Many people are terrified at the prospect of entering the care sustem, and with good reason.

My family is taking legal proceedings against the care home where my mother resided for 2 years until she died earlier this year. She was blind, deaf and had dementia. We put a covert device in her room following suspicions that she was being treated poorly. It revealed horrifying physical cruelty and verbal abuse by poorly trained staff managed by a Board of Directors with scant interest in care.

I fully support this campaign for cctv in common parts of dementia facilities. And when we have won this battle, I will support a further campaign for the same in individual private rooms with consent.

Thank you Jayne for all your efforts. You're doing an amazing job of getting this issue in the news.

Rose Hill - 15/07/2017
Jayne Connery replied...


Thank you for telling us your story. Unfortunately I know the huge strain poor care places on your whole family and no family should ever have to go through this, not in a facility designed to care. It's an all too familiar happening and the general public are thankfully coming to realise this more. Our campaign for cctv in communal areas is also about picking up preventable neglect in care /nursing homes - much of this occurs in communal areas - falls, mishandling of residents, normally due to staff not being fully trained can be the reasons behind poor care standards as well as no stimulation and not being attended to when calling out. It's important to state there are many great well led care homes out there many having cctv. It's also down to good managers who enforce the highest care standards. It's important to safeguard the carer too - a problematic cause of neglect is due to profit over care, a practice which fails staff also. It's crucial to state this campaign fully supports CCTV in clients rooms - advocating companies like Care Protect Limited care-protect.co.uk a company that install and monitor 24 hour surveillance on the request of the client or if the client has no capacity, families. With the hugely advanced modern surveillance systems out there on the market , lack of dignity /privacy is thankfully no longer a issue and we wholeheartedly agree with this. Our cctv in communal areas of care homes we want this to be made law - without doubt families should be able to place overt cameras in loved ones rooms without any fear of reprisals i.e. Evictions of elderly residents. I urge you to read our Government proposal link on our Home page and hopefully you will get a clearer understanding to what we are all eager to achieve to protect our very vulnerable residents in the care sector.

We wish you and your family all the very best and thank you for supporting us.

I really want to thank Jayne for raising the profile of CCTV and its potential to improve the overall care delivery experience.
We need cameras in communal areas in our care facilities e.g hospitals, care homes etc, we have all seen and heard the horror stories about poor practice in the care sector.

Keep up the good work Jayne and lets all help by pushing for more CCTV in order to make public and private healthcare organisations safer places for us all.

Stephen Watson - 14/07/2017

I cannot say I have a lot of experience of care homes as my sister and I who share care of my mum at home because we're too frightened to trust the care system. Mum is 95 and has Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. She is at the stage where we have had to have an electrical hoist fitted and a hospital bed in her room.
She has only ever stayed in a care home for one weeks respite and had lost half a stone by the time she came home. Our children who visited daily told us at mealtimes she would have gone hungry if they had not fed her as staff put the meals out then cleared the plates at the end of lunch wether meals had been eaten or not.
Although all her clothes had been labelled she came home without many items and what she did have poorly laundered.

My sister is 74,I am 69 and feel if care homes were monitored by cctv we could feel more comfortable leaving mum in their care to have an occasional break. Instead we just soldier on.

My hearts go out to all the people who are unable for one reason or another to care for their ageing,vulnerable parents or partners at home and have to put their trust in a system that's so obviously failing them.

Eileen Herbert - 14/07/2017

I know that My partner Francesca has made contact with you. You have seen the photos of her mum and her injuries. I fully support your campaign for cctv in every home, the brutality has to stop and people held accountable. I sincerely hope you are succesful in your quest

Rab - 13/07/2017

I have a friend whose Mum has dementia, the home is dreadful, and when they suggested moving her, they said well she will be dead in eight weeks, they don't wash or bath her, her pants are so weighted with wee when they arrive they are near to her knees, this is midday, never has she got her own good quality clothes on all with names sewn inside, it's anybody's that are always too big, and they said she says no, and it's " Human Rights " My Mum used to say no, but she still had a bath every day, as you encourage them, they can say no now and yes 5 minutes later, and all this for a £900 a week, and food put on a table and never helped so does not eat, isn't it awful, but thankfully now it's being bought to our attention. Thank you Jayne.


Sue at the Smiley Cafe - 12/07/2017
Jayne Connery replied...

How these messages sadden and frustrates me. I know there are many brilliant care homes out there but evidently it's a lottery. This has to stop. I understand your concerns because I have personal experience of shocking care with my loved one but I've said time and time again it was rarely about the carers. Management and providers are to blame here. Lack of training and much profit over care fails our vulnerable and care staff who are limited to the time they can spend with each resident. CCTV in homes would help pick up on these failures and therefore bring the transparency much needed for families and carers. Thank you for supporting us.

Hi Jayne,

I just watched your youtube video for the above subject & was quite touched and angered how your mum was treated in these so called “care homes”.
My elderly mum was recently in a very well known NHS hospital in London for a major operation where I visited her every day & typified all the exact comments you have observed & mention in your video, she ended having a minor stroke whilst in the hospital due to all the traumas , staff, attitude, rudeness & also a lack of training. I believe she has the start of dementia & would like to know how I can volunteer or support with such a great cause that you are promoting ?


Moe - 11/07/2017

Jayne is a superb ambassador for this campaign, using her knowledge gained by being by her mother's side during her sad journey with dementia as an unwanted companion.
She is inspirational, and I am sure her family are justifiably proud of her, as am I.

AnnE Walsh - 09/07/2017

CCTV would be a huge step forward to prevent abuse occurring within our car homes to our loved ones.
There is no excuse for emotional, physical or financial abuse of those who cannot speak for themselves.
Jayne you are an absolute credit to your mum and I'm proud to support this campaign.

Kirsty-ann Johnstone - 08/07/2017

Big love to you and your Mum Jayne, if she was able to comprehend just how well you take care of her, she'd be as proud as we are! ...Very very proud to have you as our ambassador! XX

Lucy Clarke - 08/07/2017
Jayne Connery replied...


I met you when you contacted this Campaign a long time ago now and we have followed your journey too. Also a dedicated daughter who understands the challenges having a mum who needs to be cared for. You too are a credit and we are delighted to have you on board this journey with us xx

I cannot put into words the important work my wonderful friend is doing and I'm sure that this subject is all close to our hearts. Please show your support for this outstanding lady and her paramount cause. Jayne Connery on sky news last night voicing the concerns of neglect in our care system for Dementia.

Sam rotin - 08/07/2017
Jayne Connery replied...


Thank you so much for your lovely words. Your support to this cause has been unwavering. A huge heartfelt thank you x

Today I received a distinction for my research project on cctv in care homes
I am so proud of myself
My name is Denise and I work as a trainee assistant practitioner in care home on a specialist dementia unit

Denise - 07/07/2017
Jayne Connery replied...


I remember when you posted on our campaign page asking for members to give their views on this. I'm absolutely delighted you chose this very important subject to write about. There are so many important factors and insights to be raised and I for one am delighted you chose CCTV in care homes. I wish you much success for the future and we are thrilled you've achieved a distinction. Well done and please keep us up dated

This programme confirmed all my worst fears about care homes which is why my sister and I ,elderly ourselves,care for my 95 year old mum who has Alzheimer's and dementia at home as we could not bare to subject her to this level of care. Why are the government procrastinating about CCTV in care homes ???? It shouldn't only be in public areas but with family consent (which I can assure you would be forthcoming) in every room. Left me sad,furious and disgusted.

Eileen Herbert - 19/06/2017
Jayne Connery replied...


Your message will resonate with many thousands of families affected by poor care. We follow your journey and you are a huge supporter to wanting to get CCTV made mandatory in care homes. The support you've brought has been incredible and a huge thank you x

I worked in care homes and have witnessed the ill treatment of these patients and believe CCTV in all care homes will be vital in stopping abuse

Jean Dornan - 12/06/2017
Jayne Connery replied...

Hi Jean

Your message mirrors many we receive here daily. Carers are now wanting cctv in homes to protect and safeguard not just residents but staff too. We all know how hard the majority of care staff work and in many cases can have the finger of blame pointed in their direction with no back up available. Carers are our unsung heros and they have shown their support to having cctv be made mandatory in care homes.

All care homes should be proud to support this worthwhile campaign.
As a dementia care home, we believe it not only protects our residents from any form of neglect or abuse, but also staff from false allegations. Families of those at the home are with us in this decision and fully support us. We have operated a total transparency policy without any complaints since having the cctv installed in all communal areas and if this campaign can raise awareness to protect even just one vulnerable resident -Why wouldn't any one not want to have cctv installed is maybe a question loved ones and service users should ask?!

Janie - 12/06/2017

Well done Jayne; I fully support this campaign - following being forced out of a job I loved. My crime? I reported a senior carer slapping a client, providers over medicating to keep clients quiet, restraint & severe bullying of staff (including me) The result was, I was forced out, but not after enduring 7 months of sheer hell. I took the home to tribunal for 'constructive unfair dismissal' but their money & barrister outweighed my lack of law & it didn't get past a pre hearing. I'm a military wife so the court deemed me a 'worker' rather than an 'employee' ie I was flexible. A technical hitch saw my case thrown out at the first hurdle & the abuse no doubt continues!
If CCTV was installed, there would have been no doubt as to who was reporting for the right reasons. Keep going!

Camille - 30/05/2017


M.G. - 30/05/2017

Just want to say jayne you are doing a great job worked so hard with your petition campaigning raising awareness cctv well done it's a great website too you are such an inspiration to us all so lovely to have you as a friend love and best wishes xx

Karen - 30/05/2017
Jayne Connery replied...

Karen we are all working so hard in raising awareness on this sometimes very cruel condition. Many families suffer with diagnosis and this is increased ten fold on top of poor care standards. We ALL have a part to play in championing good care and highlighting poor care. This Campaign is also proving many Carers do their very best in delivering the best care they can, but even good Carers are sometimes challenged when the support is not there. CCTV is a start in bringing transparency into care homes and this is for not only residents and their families but care workers too. Thank you so much for your support.

Well Done Jayne, these people deserve love, care and attention, not bullying, keep up the good work

sally - 30/05/2017
Jayne Connery replied...

Thank you Sally. I understand what you mean about bullying. But I can honestly say those managers in certain care homes who display this practice usually work in a failing care home and do not lead well. Hence care workers as well as family members suffer at the hands of incompetant management. This campaign has shown , good well led care homes has a strong management at the top and this is ONE of the most important requirements for a care home that delivers good care. Thank you so much for supporting us.

British Actress Aimi Macdonald is Care Campaign for the Vulnerable Ambassador - raising public awareness for better, safer, transparent care within the care sector.

I am delighted to be invited as a Ambassador to assist in this wonderful campaign instigated by Jayne Connery regarding CCTV security in care homes throughout the UK. This, I feel, will benefit carers, staff, residents and their families in the event of any dispute. As a relative of someone suffering with Alzheimers disease I have been involved with care homes over the last ten years and I feel the knowledge I have can contribute to this very important initiative

Adventure with Dementia provide values-based learning, development and improvement programmes which include life elements relevant to us all irrespective of a diagnosis of disease or disability. Our approach is that of doing 'with' people and not doing 'for' them thus creating family style daily living which is occupied, meaningful and fulfilled while also challenging the stereotypes of a carers role to empower them to do things differently: pledging to make a difference.

Visit Website

Safe Place Scheme

Chiltern and South Bucks District Council SAFE PLACE SCHEME has called on Care Campaign for the Vulnerable to add our support to the initiative for those who are vulnerable in the community to get help if out and about and feeling scared , lost or confused.

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It's time for the care sector to start thinking 'technology' smart. Not just for the protection and safeguarding of our most vulnerable but for the professionals who value their reputation as good, conscientious led Care Providers. Our most vulnerable and their carers deserve no less

Jayne Connery, Founder Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

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