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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS


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M.G. - 30/05/2017

Just want to say jayne you are doing a great job worked so hard with your petition campaigning raising awareness cctv well done it's a great website too you are such an inspiration to us all so lovely to have you as a friend love and best wishes xx

Karen - 30/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

Karen we are all working so hard in raising awareness on this sometimes very cruel condition. Many families suffer with diagnosis and this is increased ten fold on top of poor care standards. We ALL have a part to play in championing good care and highlighting poor care. This Campaign is also proving many Carers do their very best in delivering the best care they can, but even good Carers are sometimes challenged when the support is not there. CCTV is a start in bringing transparency into care homes and this is for not only residents and their families but care workers too. Thank you so much for your support.

Well Done Jayne, these people deserve love, care and attention, not bullying, keep up the good work

sally - 30/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

Thank you Sally. I understand what you mean about bullying. But I can honestly say those managers in certain care homes who display this practice usually work in a failing care home and do not lead well. Hence care workers as well as family members suffer at the hands of incompetant management. This campaign has shown , good well led care homes has a strong management at the top and this is ONE of the most important requirements for a care home that delivers good care. Thank you so much for supporting us.

Jayne like to say the work you are doing is Really Good. Well Done.

Steven Alan Hill - 30/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

Thank you Steven.

This campaign is receiving so much support and it's what drives it on. Thank you for your comment and continued support!

My mum owns a dementia care home in freckleton and we have cctv in all communal areas! It has been a life saver for us! Not only does it make sure that all residents have an extra layer of protection it also allows staff to feel at ease knowing that if there was ever a complaint against them and it wasn't true then we could give them the evidence needed! SUCH a good campaign you have and I hope it all goes well!!! It definitely would benefit care!


Alex - 15/05/2017

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you in bringing awareness for CCTV to be installed in care homes specially for those with dementia. We as a family are going through a very difficult time at the moment after the passing of our beautiful mother last Monday .. we raised some concerns on her care she was receiving and the outcome resulted in her being evicted from the home with no fault of her own. It wasn't until she went into her new home that they raised concerns and sent her straight to hospital . It was brought to are attention that our beautiful mother was severely dehydrated. She had pieces of skin hanging from the root of her mouth. Unfortunately she caught pneumonia very soon after which took her life. My mum currently is still at the hospital as I'm fighting to get an inquest into her death. I just pray justice will be given in my beautiful mum's name. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing x here are a few photos to show the neglect we feel she suffered. i would be so grateful if you could share to show everyone this. The saddest part for us as a family was my mum's eviction .. due to us raising concerns on neglect . On one occasion we noticed ours mother's fluid chart was filled out before the tea was given and no stimulation in 28 days, it just puzzles me how many of these so called care homes can live with themselves. .. I'm so sorry you have also experienced neglect on your mums care. I just pray your petition will be heard x x

Karen - 10/05/2017

You are doing great work and supporting a noble cause Jayne.
Keep up the good work. Let me know if I can be of assistance in this good cause.



A.L - 09/05/2017

Just want to send a message to say what your doing is wonderful.
I have worked with those living with dementia for years and have have informed management of abuse cases. Over 17 years I've witnessed many cases and only a low percentage get dealt with.
Having cctv present will lower the abuse cases tremendously.
The good care assistant don't get valued as much as we should but instead get labelled because of those that choose to abuse or Care service providers who fail.
Thank you again for what your trying achieve and good luck

J.D - 08/05/2017

Hi Jayne, As a registered care home manager of a dementia care home in Birmingham and one that activity has 24 hour cctv in operation.I fully support your campaign #ivesignedthepetition

Andrew McIntrye - 08/05/2017

I lost an uncle after he had spent his last remaining time on this planet in a care home.Twice he was taken to hospital so badly dehydrated he nearly died. The "care" home didn't give him anything to drink. He was more than capable of eating and drinking but he was just not given it. Then there's my lovely old neighbour who had spent 30 odd yrs living alone she was feisty and bright as a button up until going into the home and was more than capable of taking care of herself. She had a couple of falls and her son thought it best that she went into a "care" home so she could be looked after 24/7 well she was dead within 2 wks. At the time when these incidents happened I wasn't aware of the amount of uncare there was in a place that should be full of nothing but care. My uncle had fought in the war against a vicious enemy but was brought down by rogue carers and Care service Providers who allowed it. Go figure!!

Lynn Neale - 08/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

Sorry to hear this, unfortunately it's not unique to this Campaign. Stories of mistreatment, preventable neglect is all too familiar and will continue in too many carechomes until the powers to be make the changes namely the CQC and Department of Health need to implement ,as a start , CCTV in all communal aress of care homes. Abuse and preventable neglect is down to those care service providers who choose to lead without a conscience. Care homes can run effectively but it has to start at the top.

Loganberry Lodge, Stanway, Colchester.

Dad who has Vascular dementia was sent to Loganberry Lodge from the hospital. His time there was stressful and horrific and resulted in us losing more of dad quicker. He was left unwashed, unshaved for days his clothes had been put away in the wardrobe unwashed covered in faeces. In the end family had to wash him and put clean clothes on him.
Dad has a stoma bag and it took them over a month to ask mum how to change it as no one there was rained to do it.
Mum was told dad had escaped, this was put into hid care plan which mum saw, buy next Tim she visited this was page had been taken out and all was denied. As time went on more pages disappeared.
Mum asked for his toe nails to be cut, they said they were, but when we got dad out of this home my husband and I found his nails to br so over grown they dug in his skin like talons. He was in so much pain and found it hard to walk. His toes had dried faeces between them that this had stained his skin.
The day we got dad out we found him very upset, he said a male carer got him by the shirt collar and hurt his throat.
Most of dads items went missing and were never found.
Everything here has been denied, it's left my dad a very scared and anxious man and thinks everyone is going to hurt him especially male carers.
Dad is now in a really lovely care home where he is cared for properly and is safe.


Paula Davey - 06/05/2017

''My Grand-dad has alzhiemers and Parkinson's he was admitted to a 2 weeks respite in a care home, he was left for days in a chair no pressure relief and we ended up finding him with his feet stuck to the floor with pressure sores to his feet, after us the family found him unresponsive we asked for a doctor to be called who admitted him to a hospital ... his feet were in a disgraceful way, he was admitted, then to find he had contracted MRSA due to poor hygiene from his sores, he's thankfully on the mend and will eventually get the care he so desperately needs, i am a nursing home care worker and i stand for cctv in all care homes, thankyou''

G.P. - 06/05/2017

Last week at my mum's safeguarding meeting the safeguarding team stated they were happy with my mum's fluid chart record that the home had presented them with , they felt she was given enough fluids and she wasn't dehydrated , even though it was diagnosed as severe dehydration at the hospital . I explained to them that on one occasion we as a family had pointed out to the manager a false entry due to us being present on particular time of day when they had stated she was given 200ml of tea . We were absolutely DEVASTATED over this decision and no our mum is another victim of neglect in a nursing home . Please please Please support the CCTVS campaign to install camera into care homes . I would hate any other sufferer or family to go through what we have'' ????

Anon. - 05/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

We really are sorry your family went through this. I receive too many messages like yours. I've also personally experienced this with my own relative. Until transparency is brought into the care sector especially for those who are vulnerable, families will continue to come up against this. I took my mum out of the care sector because in many incidents there was no clarity or answers to the neglect that she endured. Families need and want facts.

You are an outstanding young lady Jayne Connery, so many families owe you a debt of gratitude. I'm proud to say I know you. Keep up the excellent work you are doing. God bless you my love xx

Rose M - 05/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

The thousands of supporters have showed this campaign change is our care system is now needed. Thank you for your fantastic support.

Jayne, it's been a pleasure doing a wee bit of design work for you for this extremely worth while cause! I wish it every success in getting what is needed. Kudos to you and all involved!

Glen Webster - 03/05/2017
CCFTV replied...

The support from businesses like yourself has been truly overwhelming. Dementia it seems touches everyone whether it be family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. Thank you for the design of the campaign logo !

Well done Jayne, you have done everyone proud and is amazing to see so many other supporting your campaign!
I will continue to follow and support your campaign! Xx

Martin van-Evelingen - 30/04/2017
CCFTV replied...

Hi Martin

The supports been unwaivering - thank you so much !

Keep up the good work my lovely x

Louise - 29/04/2017
CCFTV replied...

Thank you Louise !

I saw your link today regarding CCTV in care homes. I have been a carer working in a dementia home for nearly 5 years and totally support this. I frequently discuss this with colleagues. Not only would it cut down on abuse and neglect but one would hope that it could replace some of the immense paperwork load. We fill in endless paperwork to prove standard of care but I feel it detracts from time which could be better spent socialising with and enhancing my residents' lives.

Thankfully I work in a reputable home where the vast majority of my colleagues view our residents as friends or even family. I myself have residents I view as friends because I have grown strongly attached to them and grieve when they pass away.

Graham - 29/04/2017
CCFTV replied...

Hi Graham

This is wonderful to hear. I often find when carers tell me this, they add the home has a good strong approachable management team. A well run care home has to begin at the top and it filters down. Happy, respected and well trained staff who are not over stretched thrive and its reflected in the work they do and the care they administer. Thank you for your support to our cctv campaign. Care/nursing staff who contact me telling me they agree with it drives me on and I have to say this Campaign is hugely supported by Care staff and this makes me very happy !

CCTV Campaigner.

Hi Jayne - At Our Lady's Care home in Belfast we have CCTV in Communal Dementia Service and I can honestly say I am a huge advocate for this!! Gavin

Gavin - 29/04/2017
CCFTV replied...

Hi Gavin
You sound like a manager who leads with a conscience and takes the responsibility of vulnerable residents and staff being safeguarded in their home and place of work seriously. I commend you. Care Service Providers who have CCTV installed in communal areas, exit and entrance points have the foresight to understand, CCTV does not and should not replace good trained staff or high care standards but crucially, bring transparency, giving a very clear message to families , Care Service Providers are wanting to be open with the day to day administering of care towards their loved ones. As a family member who had a mum in the care sector, CCTV may provide answers that otherwise wouldn't be there. I often get told ''Carers could abuse residents in private rooms and therefore CCTV would not be not useful in communal areas''. I strongly disagree. We have to remember while abuse CAN and has happened in private rooms, failures of care also happen in communal areas of care homes, this isn't always about rogue carers. I advocate our dedicated care workers and many failings that occur is down to Care Service Providers not supporting care staff ie moving a resident inadequately and so failing in the manual handling of that resident. Not attending to that person when they shout out or waiting to go to the toilet for an unacceptable amount of time and more frequently, which is evident during this campaign, vulnerable elderly falling and families receiving no answers as to why. These factors can have a detrimental affect on a person with dementia's physical and emotional wellbeing. CCTV would act as a useful training tool helping care workers in their day to day continued training and lets not forget many residents who get confused have been known to go missing from their homes - CCTV could save valuable time locating them if in a confused state, they walked out the exit or maybe still in the facility. Nearly all care homes today house residents who live with dementia. CCTV is crucial for the safety and wellbeing of those who are more exposed to failures of care. I have said this for the past five years and throughout this campaign.. if ONE care home can work successfully with CCTV, then ALL care/nursing homes can.

CCTV Campaigner


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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS

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