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Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is learning of the pressures faced by conscientious led Care Providers striving to offer a caring and safe environment to both service users and staff. Safety monitoring is proving to be a invaluable care assist tool - bringing a more open and transparent culture into care homes as well as saving valuable resources within the care home sector and the NHS


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I was so delighted to hear about Care Campaign for the Vulnerable and the fantastic work Jayne & her team do for safety monitoring to be made mandatory in care homes. I managed care homes for the elderly in Middlesex & Lincolnshire. I ran the Middlesex home for 18 years & I pride myself on the high levels of care the residents received. I would have welcomed safety as a positive tool for continuing achievements in care levels & relative reassurance. The other home was on the verge of closure due to allegations of abuse & neglect. safety monitoring would have been an advantage to all concerned.
1. Relatives & residents reassurance of safe practice
2.Swiftly stamping out poor practice
3. Proof of the improvements
4. A useful tool for social services monitoring team.

I wholeheartedly welcome safety monitoring in care homes.
My mum recently had to move to a Nursing home she had Dementia & was unwell, she passed away after 2 months there. I was then a relative!! Although in general I was ok about the home, my mum had several falls & some of these couldn't be explained. I feel CCTV would have helped answer some of my questions & reassured me that all was well. This uncertainty is always with me. We have to remember that our loved ones are so precious & when they are no longer in our direct care the stress & upset is intense and I am sure I can speak for all relatives in saying CCTV would be welcomed & reassuring.
Congratulations to Jayne & her team for the recent publicity in the national press. Onward & upwards Jayne.

Kay Rushworth
Care Home Manager

Kay Rushworth - 25/05/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear Kay

On behalf of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable I am always particularly delighted when we receive support from Care Home Managers. This is because if any professional should know the challenges faced daily in care homes by both carers and providers, managers certainly do!

The industry is struggling and in our work we are hearing time and time again that the problems mainly are in recruiting , training and funding. Its also stated by families/managers who contact us that the maj0rity of care staff do a incredible job under what is often described as a sometimes very challenging environment. Safety monitoring would assist in highlighting and identifying certain practices that can cause a very negative effect on vulnerable residents and many care home mangers tell us this. The frustrating thing is safety monitoring in these areas shouldn't be deemed a negative or a tool that may replace good and rightful care. In fact, many say who already have CCTV in these areas, they do highlight and bring in solutions as well as help in the training of care staff and for that alone it should be viewed a positive.
I would like to thank you for your message of support Kay - we really do appreciate it.

Jayne and the team are amazing. I struggled for many years about my Dad’s poor care with nowhere else to place him in our area. I gave up work to be at the home every day with him due to his lack of care. This has had a massive impact not only on my dad’s quality of life but also has a negative impact on me to this day. No one listened to us - not the health authorities that are supposed to help - let us down. I turned to Jayne in March this year after losing my beloved Dad in Decembee 2016. She helped me so much - not only get justice for my late Dad, but also helped me to start to healing the wounds that I thought would never go away. I thank Care Campaign for the Vulnerable so much for their dedication and hard work in getting us justice for poor care and looking out for our vulnerable. Jayne, thank you so much. I will be forever grateful. Caroline x

Caroline Scott - 24/05/2018
CCFTV replied...

Caroline thank you for your kind words. A loving family like yours work hard to ensure their loved ones receive proper, safe and good care. When this isn’t the case many families tell us they face much negativity and this is a shocking indictment of the negative side of the sector and one Care Campaign raises much attention to. Your bravery , courage and commitment was evident and we sincerely hope you can now mourn your father and not keep fighting for the justice you and your family so rightly deserved after your father received very poor proven care while he was alive. We wish you and your family much love.

It, sadly, isn't just care homes that need CCTV. People being cared for in their own homes, by agencies and care companies, also need this protection. Unfortunately, some agencies / companies don't like people installing CCTV in their own homes and do everything possible to prevent it ; some even lie to families and tell them it is illegal!

Even when care staff are found to be at fault on recordings, they are mostly exhonerated by the provider and simply redeployed to other clients.

People being cared for in their own homes need this protection too. Their families also need protection from the bullying (from providers and commissioners) that ensues when CCTV is installed.

Lisa - 18/05/2018
CCFTV replied...


We couldn’t agree with you more

Not only do we hear this daily from people who contact us regarding home care providers as well as CHC/CCG - families tell us they feel very much ‘left out in the cold ‘ - Social workers , CHC it seems lean towards tolerating poor practice with care providers. I felt this myself - the saving grace for a while was being blessed with a good live in carer but replacements with the exception of a few were nothing short of shocking. Professional, conscience led management is needed and if that fails normally it’s those who are more in need of high end care needs are the ones who really suffer. Also having to accept poorly trained care staff was shrugged off. Safety monitoring in both home and in care homes - would bring transparency in -it isn’t against the law but there are guidelines. Many families set up safety monitoring in their home and if providers are confident in delivering good care standards then why would they say no?. You can find out your rights on safety monitoring in the CQC WEBSITE (see our links section ).


I am so pleased to hear this news today about Care Campaign for the Vulnerable CCTV in care homes. I have had CCTV in communal areas for the past five years and I would not be without it for many reasons. It has helped save time on many issues. It has protected both residents and staff. We have been able to show footage to families when a resident has had a fall or show other proffessionals when there have been incidents between residents or any other incidents. We have been able to keep staff informed of where they may have gone wrong with things. I am pleased to say I have not had any abuse incidents via staff but did have one abuse indicent resident on resident whereby this was taken to court and without the CCTV footage we would not have been able to prove this had happened. I have lots more positive stories to state in relation to CCTV. We have it in all our four care homes. No one has ever complained. I was once questioned by CQC and I stated that it was only in communcal areas and signs are in place to notify people. I was questionned by commissioning about the CCTV and I stated that under no circumstances would I ever consider it being removed and stated (four years ago) that one day it will be compulsorary. So this is why I am over the moon about this progress. Well Done Anne Wordsworth Registered Manager MBA PPTLS

Anne - 18/05/2018
CCFTV replied...


Thank you so much for your message of support. Care Campaign visits many care facilities and those who have transparency say exactly that. It's a positive, installed to safeguard and assist with transparency to all who live and work there. Thank you for your support.

Two of my sons and myself completed a 5 mile sponsored walk to help raise funds and awareness for Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. I had some T shirts made to show why we were walking. They definitely worked, I had a complete stranger message me asking about our t shirts and safety monitoring in care homes. She was interested in care as she had seen alot of shocking care homes out there. Then an ex carer from the home my dad is in told me how she believe care homes should have monitoring near exits and entrances and public areas in care /nursing homes as when she worked at the home people with dementia were always going missing. She told me how sometimes when they went missing were often found laying down the bottom of a fire exit stairs. She sadly told me residents were only entitled to one bath a week due to staff shortages. Safety monitoring in care is a must !

Paula - 25/04/2018

I contacted Jayne Connery a couple of months ago after following the incredible work she has done with the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable over the last five years, her national campaign to make safety monitoring mandatory in communial areas in all care and nursing homes in the UK has been so successful that Jayne now also offers a free advocacy service to families and their carers, who need support which is known as CCAS Care Campaign Advocacy Service.

In my opinion these two things are paramount to protect and meet the needs of people in care and for their carers which Jayne should be highly commended for her valiant efforts so far! In the short time I have known her I have quickly found out, that she is one of the most caring people that I have met on my journey in the world of Dementia, she is a fighter for peoples rights on every level, and is one of those most rare of people who will go that extra mile for anyone who needs help, with a character which I can only describe as a force of nature, her passion and compassion in the way she stands up for people who are vulnerable is outstanding, and it is truly an honour and a privilege to be a part of the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable in the capacity of being its first Official Ambassador, and hope that I can help in a small way in supporting this noble cause while I still have the capacity to do so.

Terry Eccott Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador - 12/04/2018

I would like to thank Jayne Connery, Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, for the endless support given. In particular, regarding my efforts to convince Essex Social Services to carry out their duty of care in transferring my mum, who lives with Alzheimer's, from a first floor room at her care home (where it was necessary for her to travel in a stair lift twice a day) to a ground floor room. The process was lengthy and exhausting. Jayne very kindly wrote to Essex Social Services and provided constant support during the process. Thank you Jayne for the excellent work that you do. I am very grateful indeed for all that you have done for my mum and me. Congratulations on the fabulous work that you do for others too.

Joy - 02/04/2018

During the last 18 months I have felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to sort out problems that were occuring in my mothers care home. I had endless discussion's with care provider's who at time's were dismissive of my concern's making promise's things would change, but in reality, nothing changed. Even after having meetings with management and social service's representatives, I felt I was not being listened to and I was often talked over at meetings. I had been in touch with Jayne Connery CCAS Care Campaign Advocacy Service for advice during this time and I contacted her after my Mother’s standards of personal care had once again dropped, despite having had two meetings with Managers of the Care Home and social services. I was now at breaking point. I went for help at CCAS, I cannot believe the difference it made, having Jayne there as my advocate, and I would recommend anyone who is having problems in the care sector to seek her advice. I cannot thank Jayne Connery and CCAS for being beside me - with her guidence and support, I had the confidence to put my point across and actually feel I was being heard. My own health had began to be affected by the stress of battling to make sure that my Mother received the level of care she deserves, so I cannot thank CCAS enough for the help they have given me. I will be forever grateful.

Sharon C. - 23/03/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear Sharon

We are so pleased you are happier with your Mum’s care. We know through personal experience how daunting attending meetings can be , especially when it concerns your own loved one. Every family member who has a relative in a care home expects and should always receive the correct level of care and sometimes, for whatever reason, if this level of care drops, it’s important to be confident and raise the issues with senior Managers. The role of a Manager is a crucial one in a well run care facility. It’s important how they respond to complaints from family members. A good Manager will understand the emotional turmoil a family feels and be reminded of ‘the mum test’. We all would expect the correct level of care for our own mums and that should never be forgotten.

Having worked in the care industry now for a few years , I've worked with many clients, from Palliative through to dementia, learning disabilities and physical disabilities, or just people who find it difficult with everyday life , The biggest hurdle for a Carer is being noticed by the more professional bodies , as a carer you are on the front line , you notice changes in your clients , their health , mood or just their daily routine seems different , we all need support from time to time , we see things at first hand , we can walk into anything , for all you GP's , Medical professionals please take time out to listen to a carer , they really have a massive role to play in people's lives.

Gary Clay - 13/03/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear Gary

Thank you so much for your message and we completely agree.

Carers have THE most important role and you are correct, they are on the front line, seeing clients change day to day and listening to carers through Care Campaign's work many contact us saying the role is sometimes not given the significance it deserves.

Our dedicated, brilliant care workers are the backbone of the social care sector and we agree that the role of the carer/family carer should be taken far more into consideration by health care professionals, Care Providers, GP's etc.

Thank you for messaging us.. It sounds like you are a credit to your profession.

On the 30th of March my two youngest sons and myself are taking part in a 5 mile sponsored walk for Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, supporting safety monitoring in all care /nursing homes we fully support. They helped us so much when my Dad was in hospital and again when he was placed in a inadequate care home and even now he's been moved their help and support for anything is still there - which is reassuring you never have to face any of this alone. There will always be someone who is understanding and caring to talk to. Anyone could need support to help a love one when concerns arise which maybe whilst in hospital or care homes. Please support Care Campaign for the Vulnerable in anyway you can and support them to continue be a voice for so many other families.

Paula Davey - 07/03/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear Paula

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are so grateful you are supporting us by doing a sponsored walk. Please send us on some photos and thank your boys for taking part.

‘’ I worked in a care home and over Christmas I had no choice but to leave. I couldn't handle what I was seeing. A resident was upset and confused daily and I witnessed a member of staff shouting at her to shut up. I also noticed a carer wiping down a jug and cup with faeces and when asked should it not be replaced I was told NO. I also saw a lady was left with dirty teeth in over night carers too busy ... this was only a few things I was sickened by it, especially when my own mum is in a sister home
I had only four training shifts and thrown in at the deep end. I was so out of my comfort zone. I wasn't confident at all and the company never gave me proper supervision. The residents were so lovely. My problem was the other members of staff i couldn't deal with them - they also did a lot of play fighting round the residents which I thought was so wrong also, dementia residents didn't know if it was serious or not, and got a frightened by it. CCTV would stop such behaviour and make them think twice about how they act!!
It is amazing what you do....it is so needed’’


A. - 19/02/2018
CCFTV replied...

Dear A

Thank you for your message and yes, Safety monitoring would indeed act as a deterrent to this type of worrying behaviour. I’m very concerned to read your experiences while working at this Care Home. I visit many wonderful care homes but still too often hear shocking incidents regarding poor care and every incident of poor /inadequate care standards should be reported to the person in charge or if you feel this is not possible then the CQC. This can be done annoynmously. We would like you to contact us through the CONTACT page and we will advise you further to the steps you can take in helping safeguard those residents left behind.

Hi. I think you are doing amazing work for the old I have worked in care homes and hospitals. I think its an amazing work you are doing if u were closer to me I would of volunteered for you - keep doing the good work thank you x

Amanda - 18/02/2018

I just want to thank all of the people involved especially Jayne , for all the hard work & effort that is being put into this campaign. I truly agree 100 % with their fight towards making care homes safer for the clients whom avail of these services. Our care homes should be safe & full of nothing but love, respect, dignity, joy, admiration and anything else that makes our elders live a good life in a safe & secure environment. Thank you thank you thank you. Keep up all the amazing work you do. X love & light.

Mel mc loughlin - 30/10/2017
CCFTV replied...


Thank you so much. We do work hard outwardly and behind the scenes. Heartfelt messages received daily from families and carers in support of CCTV in communal areas of care homes is overwhelming and hearing their experiences good and bad is what drives us on.

Thank you for your message of support. Always appreciated.

Jayne you are welcome. You are doing a Fantatic Job for CCTV Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. Amazing all the support you have been getting and thank you. I have been part of Journey all the way!

Steven Alan Hill - 27/09/2017
CCFTV replied...

Thank you Steven.

It's the incredible support we are receiving that's making our Care Campaign for the Vulnerable so successful

Sadly for the second time now the family has been put under huge amount of worry as my dad went missing again today from his care home in Sudbury. With police and staff out looking for him he was eventually found near a McDonalds, this is a fair distance from the home and he would have had to walked up a very long steep hill and crossed two roundabouts. It really does not bear thinking about, as this is one of the worst roads round town. It seems a visitor to the home didn't close the door behind them when they left. It is a lovely home, but we have mentioned CCTV to them but they refuse to have it installed. Something has to be done before something awful happens whether it be dad or another resident.

Paula - 23/08/2017
CCFTV replied...

Firstly, we are so relieved your father was found safely. This isn't acceptable. Those living with dementia rely and put their trust in professionals in charge of their care and day to day well being. It saddens and frustrates me a Care Service Provider will adamantly refuse to have CCTV in their care home when every street corner and many buildings including private residencies have CCTV for the publics protection. Installing CCTV on the exits and entrances would have solved this problem within minutes by viewing your father walking out the door and in what direction. Surely for a professional to say NO to this level of personal protection ESPECIALLY when dealing with vulnerable people is NOT placing the care needs of residents at the top of their agenda and is wholly irresponsible.

We are so pleased your Father is now safe, but the question will have to be asked, for how long ?

Loganberry Lodge, Stanway, where dad was not cared for properly, has had another QCQ inspection and has now been placed under Special Measures, due to two inadequate consecutive inspections.

Paula - 17/08/2017
CCFTV replied...


Thank you for updating us on your Fathers previous care facility. The immediate concern on hearing care homes entering special measures is safeguarding and protection of residents. It makes you wonder if they can't get the care standards correct after two attempts, should they be given a third chance? The first reaction would be to close the home down but this isn't always practical to vulnerabe residents or their families. The CQC could implement (enforce ) care providers who fail inspections , having to install cctv as a further precautionary measure helping safeguard /protect residents whilst action is taken to improve better care standards. There isn't a big enough deterrent to stop care providers going into special measures. If there were, maybe then , many would not be failing their residents and dedicated staff by continually floughting regulations.

"In my mother's ‘care’ home, like many others, there were little or no activities. The residents sat around the room, in a row; as if they were waiting to see the GP, staring at the walls or asleep. There was no stimulation other than a couple of TVs in the connecting lounges - different channels; Jeremy Kyle or a quiz programme - whatever happened to be on. There were very few channels to choose from. There was no DVD player. These were all residents living with dementia. The white board on the wall set out activities through the week; board games, dominoes etc. but these were ALL residents living with dementia. Some of them couldn't see and some wouldn't know what a domino was if it hit them on the back of the head.

I was placing my mum in this home – in desperation – as she had suffered neglect at the previous two homes. As a singer, in her day, I knew that activities, particularly music, was paramount to her. However, the home was clean and the staff seemed caring, and the food plan looked good enough. I knew that I, as a singer too, could take up the slack and be ‘her activity’. I knew I would be visiting every day (pretty much) to keep an eye on her.

Of course, none of the ‘activities’ on the board took place; other than when one of the lovely carers snatched a few moments of her hard earned shift; perched a tinsel wig on her head, and danced around the room to the CD, skipping and jumping, on the tired CD player

One time I mentioned to a Senior Carer about the importance of music, especially for those living with dementia. She replied “this lot are too far gone”. My mouth agape, I answered that “someone in a coma can still benefit from music”!

I had mentioned to the owners that if they bought a DVD player I would bring in musicals and concert DVDs. If their budget did not extend to outside entertainers, and they couldn’t afford an Activities Coordinator, then this would be very good stimulation for them. That was 18 months ago. No DVD - still. The CD player skipped merrily away until I brought in a sound system for them. I was told by the owners that THEY LOVED IT! Of course they did.

Over time I took up the slack for many of the residents. The CQC had marked the home as ‘GOOD’ in the field of activities. When a complaint was made about the lack of activities, I was asked to entertain every 2 weeks. There was going to be some other activity in between but it never happened. The only activity that took place after that was when they played music on my sound system. More often than not they played me a lot; CDs I had donated – which was fine.

Eventually, in desperation, I brought mum’s TV/DVD to the lounge for mum and her mates to watch some concerts etc. on DVD. They loved it. They all sat singing away to Cliff Richard – Live at the Albert Hall. I gave them chocolate and made them tea and they seemed very happy bunnies.

It was difficult to sit in peace however. Due to a lack of staff and often no one on the floor, I was regularly called upon by residents. “Nurse” … “can you help me”. There was no point explaining that I was here to see my mum and that I wasn’t a “nurse”, but I was there, watching the floor, watching the drugs trolley that had to be abandoned because the only carer left on that floor was toileting; tending to someone at risk of falling; answering the phone; the door; in the kitchen getting ‘tea’ together. Tea would consist of toast, jam sandwich, or a bowl of tinned spaghetti hoops, macaroni cheese or ravioli because the ‘cook’ had left and they couldn’t find a replacement; or the oven broke down for almost two months.

As a relative you could either sit and ignore it or help out. So you helped out but at what cost? Recently, a lady fell (not surprisingly) and hurt herself badly - so then what happens?

CCTV in communal areas would have picked all of this up!

JM - 14/08/2017

My cousins husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia at the age of 46 he is now in his 50s. The other day while at a day centre in Suffolk he walked out unnoticed. When realised that he was missing police were called and a helicopter put up. In the end he was missing for over two hours and found laying in a ditch. He is now very ill laying in a hospital with his with wife by his bedside. This all could have been prevented if a CCTV camera had been installed. Really shows how important these cameras are for these valuable people. For me this is the second family member with dementia to have gone missing, which really makes me more than 100% behind this campaign.

Paula Davey - 07/08/2017

Hi I've donated to your Memory Walk. I worked in one of the best nursing homes and that's. Where my gran slipped away to heaven the staff have been there years and we had plenty of wipes, gloves , pads, bedding and it never smelt like some nursing homes we were not to wear our uniforms in or after work for bugs etc and hygiene, I enjoyed working there and it was challenging I worked 12 hr night shifts and in the morning when day shift came in it was such a good feeling knowing I had made the residents as comfy and helped no matter what , I also spent extra time with some people who had no visitors Braeside house is a home I would recommend (for the blind) just wish more homes were like this one xxxc from Lynne xxx

Lynne Hibernian black - 17/07/2017
CCFTV replied...

Dear Lynn

To say we are overwhelmed by your donation is an understatement. Thank you so much. It's carers like you that are holding this care Sector together and many in your profession are not valued as much as you should be reflecting in the hours you work and pay you receive. . CCTV in care homes campaign would like to thank you on behalf of all the families and care staff who supoort us. Thank you !!

Many people are terrified at the prospect of entering the care sustem, and with good reason.

My family is taking legal proceedings against the care home where my mother resided for 2 years until she died earlier this year. She was blind, deaf and had dementia. We put a covert device in her room following suspicions that she was being treated poorly. It revealed horrifying physical cruelty and verbal abuse by poorly trained staff managed by a Board of Directors with scant interest in care.

I fully support this campaign for cctv in common parts of dementia facilities. And when we have won this battle, I will support a further campaign for the same in individual private rooms with consent.

Thank you Jayne for all your efforts. You're doing an amazing job of getting this issue in the news.

Rose Hill - 15/07/2017
CCFTV replied...


Thank you for telling us your story. Unfortunately I know the huge strain poor care places on your whole family and no family should ever have to go through this, not in a facility designed to care. It's an all too familiar happening and the general public are thankfully coming to realise this more. Our campaign for cctv in communal areas is also about picking up preventable neglect in care /nursing homes - much of this occurs in communal areas - falls, mishandling of residents, normally due to staff not being fully trained can be the reasons behind poor care standards as well as no stimulation and not being attended to when calling out. It's important to state there are many great well led care homes out there many having cctv. It's also down to good managers who enforce the highest care standards. It's important to safeguard the carer too - a problematic cause of neglect is due to profit over care, a practice which fails staff also. It's crucial to state this campaign fully supports CCTV in clients rooms - advocating companies like Care Protect Limited care-protect.co.uk a company that install and monitor 24 hour surveillance on the request of the client or if the client has no capacity, families. With the hugely advanced modern surveillance systems out there on the market , lack of dignity /privacy is thankfully no longer a issue and we wholeheartedly agree with this. Our cctv in communal areas of care homes we want this to be made law - without doubt families should be able to place overt cameras in loved ones rooms without any fear of reprisals i.e. Evictions of elderly residents. I urge you to read our Government proposal link on our Home page and hopefully you will get a clearer understanding to what we are all eager to achieve to protect our very vulnerable residents in the care sector.

We wish you and your family all the very best and thank you for supporting us.

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